After Thanksgiving I promised the wife I’m taking a step back from RED FROG BEACH SCAM and the biggest LIAR and DOUCHE ever known to mankind……..JOE HALEY.

For MONTHS. as residents dealt with raw sewage being pumped into the mangroves, the smell of feces about the property, and the non-sanctioned and illegal distribution of electricity, PNO among others pondered how RED FROG BEACH can market their product as GREEN GLOBE CERTIFIED??? As this place was obviously not operating in an environmentally conscious manner.



We contacted GREEN GLOBE directly and they stated they had issues verifying the auditing done on the property, and as such, removed RED FROG BEACH from their website. This came directly from BIRTE PELAYO the CEO.

They were told to remove any signage until and not profess to have any association with GREEN GLOBE.  LMFAO.

RED FROG BEACH refused to take down any signange, and even mentioned at their meeting in Panama City, that it was a ruse by adverse owners to cause issue.  Well CASCO CAPITAL, this lying fuck is YOUR PROBLEM now.   GREEN GLOBE did indeed complete their own investigation, and found the following.

From: Birte PelayoSent: Tuesday, December 5, 2023 2:23 PMTo: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXSubject: Re: Redfrog Resort

The Auditor was Tanuj Gulati of Frontier Energy.

However, we have found in our investigation that Frontier Energy had acquired Energy Insight. A company founded by Matt Haley.

Frontier-Acquires-Energy-Insight-News-Release-FNL-9-10-19.pdf (

We therefore cut ties with them immediately.

Best regards,

Birte Pelayo

Chief Executive Officer


**** As in MATT HALEY, JOE HALEY’s FAMILY. Old JOE tried to pull a fast one and LIE like always.  We LOVE ya JOE, your a constant source of laughter and lunacy. Worst CRIMINAL ever. What about the people that purchased because of the C.CLARK testimonial? ….or NOW the “GREEN GLOBE” certification?    Keep that shovel working, cause the hole your digging is fine.

Saludos, please keep it up.


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