Panama setting sights high for 2023—expecting 6.5% growth in Economy. Maybe for the 1%


The Cciap provided recommendations for economic recovery 

The Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama (Cciap) assures that despite the low economic prospects for Latin America, the country maintains a projection of national economic growth for 2023 of 6.5%. 

“We hope that this number has a multiplier effect, benefits a large number of our residents and is the engine for the creation of more decent jobs for Panamanians,” said the president of this union, Marcela Galindo.

He added that after the pandemic was overcome, the year 2022 was characterized by marking the path to recovery, “the challenges experienced in the year 2022 have made it evident that solutions to our common problems require all sectors of our society working within a framework of respect, where both participatory and constructive dialogue prevails. In other words, we depend not only on the Government, but also on private companies and workers”.

The businesswoman highlighted that this year that the political campaign begins, she hopes that Panamanians can have options for rulers who are allergic to corruption and who are really focused on ensuring the well-being of their people.

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