Overwhelmed migration leads to movement of people to Chiriqui.


Commissioner Ascanio Ellis, Senior Officer of Migration Border Management, together with the director of the Transit and Land Transportation Authority (ATTT), Carlos Ordóñez, made a tour this Thursday to observe the mobility process of irregular migrants who are in the Temporary Migratory Reception Stations (ETRM), in the province of Darién.

Both Commissioner Ellis and the director of the ATTT spoke with the leaders of the company that provides the bus service for the Darién-Panama route, who reiterated their willingness to maintain the transfer operation of irregular migrants, so that they can continue on your way to North America.

During the tour, it was possible to observe the dynamics with which the Darién carriers provide the service to irregular migrants, so that they can be transferred to the Los Planes de Gualaca station, in the province of Chiriquí.

The visit of both officials also made it possible to hold conversations with representatives of Unicef ​​and the International Organization for Migration, in order to exchange impressions on the way in which irregular migrants are transferred from the ETRM of Darién to Los Planes de Gualaca , in the province of Chiriqui.

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