Numbers do not lie- TOCUMEN expansion has turned PTY into new hub for all Latin America.

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The main port of entry and exit of the country has served a cumulative total of 6,153,781 passengers. With 44%, South America is the subcontinent with the main destinations departing from Panama

The Tocumen International Airport processed 1,557,428 passengers during the month of April, that is, 9.8% more than the same month of 2023. It also registered a cumulative total of 6,153,781 passengers, during the first four months of 2024.

Data from the Statistics Department of the Tocumen International Airport (Aitsa) highlights that the markets with the greatest regional movement in April were South America with 44%, followed by North America with 28%, the Caribbean 12%, while Central America contributed the 11%, and the European markets contributed with a share of 5%, very similar to the month of March.

In the fourth month of 2024, the Tocumen airport served the operations of 31 airlines, 15 cargo airlines and 16 passenger airlines, according to the entity’s data.

Destinations and markets

Regarding international connections, in the month of April, Tocumen maintained direct routes to 88 destinations, through 16 commercial airlines that offer services to the main cities of America and Europe.

The April results indicate that of the total number of passengers who used the Tocumen terminal, 72% were connecting passengers. The air terminal also managed 12,311 aircraft movements.

Regional terminals and cargo

In the cargo terminal segment, 17,737 metric tons of merchandise were moved during the fourth month of 2024.

For their part, the Panama Pacífico, Enrique Malek, Scarlett Martínez and Enrique A. Jiménez regional terminals, managed by Aitsa, recorded traffic of 59,233 passengers and 2,077 aircraft operations in April.

Among the regional terminals managed by Aitsa are: Panama Pacifico, which registered the highest movement with 28,842 passengers processed. While the domestic terminal that operates in terminal 2 processed another 18,004 passengers.

Through a press release, Raffoul Arab, general manager of Aitsa, indicated that the industry continues to show encouraging performance with an upward trend, which positively impacts Tocumen’s ability to meet its commitments and prepare development projects.

Activity in March 2024

Just like last April, March was also showing dynamism compared to 2023.

In March 2024, the Aitsa transported 1,647,925 passengers, a variation of 12% more than in the same month of 2023, and 32% more compared to 2022, according to figures from the entity.

The difference with 2023 is about 179,277 more travelers, since in that month it had registered 1,468,648 travelers, and one year earlier, that is, 2022, the comparative variation is 399,075 people, when they moved 1,248,850 passengers.

Of the 1,674,925 travelers registered last March, 76% were transfer or connection, which represents about 1,147,488 passengers.

By March 2024, 56% of passengers used terminal 1, that is, 904,273 people, 43% used terminal 2, about 722,902 travelers, and only 1% were those who used the domestic terminal, with 20,148. people and general aviation with 602 travelers.

The highest passenger traffic according to its importance was: South America, with 44%; followed by North America, with 29%; then the Caribbean and Central America, with 11%, respectively; and Europe, with 5% of thrips.

Last March, the Tocumen International Airport had the commercial services of 17 airlines, including: Copa, which transported 1,442,305 people, that is, 87.5% participation; United, with 38,956 people, or 2.4% participation; Avianca, with 31,638 travelers and a 1.9% share; KLM, with 28,840 people, 1.6%; and Turkish with 24,353 passengers, with a share of 1.5%.

Destinations departing from Panama

The connecting trips served by the Tocumen air terminal had connections with 87 destinations. The five main destination cities in South America were: Bogotá (Colombia), with 84,735 travelers; Medellín (Colombia), with 60,627 people; Lima (Peru), with 53,336 travelers; Guayaquil (Ecuador), with 51,413 people; and Sao Paulo (Brazil), with 45,535 travelers.

Some 79,574 travelers left for North America from Panama; They arrived in Miami (United States); Cancún (Mexico), with 53,121 travelers; Mexico City (Mexico), with 48,565; Orlando (United States), with 41,822; Los Angeles (United States), with 33,807; Washington (United States), with 28,190 and New York (United States), with 28,126 travelers.

In the Caribbean, the main destinations were: Punta Cana (Dominican Republic), with 50,651 passengers; Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic), with 32,253; Havana (Cuba), with 30,260; San Juan (Puerto Rico), with 17,498; and Aruba (Aruba), with 12,131 travelers.

Regarding travelers who traveled to Central America, the majority went to the cities of San José (Costa Rica), with 60,631 passengers; Guatemala (Guatemala), with 39,909; David (Panama), with 20,148; Managua (Nicaragua), with 16,630 and Comayagua (Honduras), with 13,138 travelers.

Finally, travelers moving to Europe chose as their destination city: Amsterdam (Netherlands), with 25,840 people; Istanbul (Türkiye), with 24,353; Madrid (Spain), with 23,802; and Paris (France), with 12,488 travelers.

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