More protests involving the Education System


Educators protest in various sectors of the national territory 

Educators are protesting in different parts of the country. They do so dressed in black after the cold-blooded murder of an educator and the husband of a teacher when they participated in the closures in Chame, province of Panama Oeste.

In these rallies they take the opportunity to demand the public resignation of the Minister of Education, Maruja Gorday de Villalobos. They assure that they will not return to classes , much less under the threats of discounts for the days of strike. “We are not going to let ourselves be pressured by anyone.” 

“Enough of oppressing, sanctioning and attacking teachers,” argue the educators concentrated in the demonstration. 

“We blame Mr. Laurentino Cortizo, his entire executive cabinet, the comptroller of the republic Gerardo Solís and all the deputies who sell the country. All of them have their hands muddied with the blood of those comrades who have died in this national struggle. All of them are mercenaries, criminals, and it has not only been enough for them to remove the forces from the streets and push the population,” said the teacher leader. 

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