Just your everyday grocery run under this Administation.


It’s times like these when you are able to see the WEAK come to light. As in CORTIZO and CARRIZO. And even more reason why the RE-ELECTION of RICARDO MARTINELLI will be one of the biggest “LEGAL” runaway victorioes since REAGAN/MONDALE. 

MARTINELLI is a master politician in what a politician should be. A servant of the people. I was watching “GLADIATOR” recently. We before the blackout periods and trying to get food, and traffic jams. And the big line in it was the advice given to him by his handler….

“YOU MUST WIN THE CROWD”…….of which Russel Crowe replies “I WILL WIN THE CROWD”.

This adnministration (one of which I was very bullish on admittedly) is turing into the most one of recent mememory that is controlled by SELF-INTERESTS.  Cortizo is WEAK, and CARRIZO is corrupt.

Panama has always shone as the most western and dare I say, cosmopolitan of Latin America.  These images are what it is today.

Those are people WALKING to get to TOCUMEN. UNREAL.

First time ever JB we are thinking of moving and leaving Panamá. Things are definitely shifting to the left.


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