Hey RED FROG BEACH CLUB ??,,,,,,I’m WOKE, and I HATE BULLIES and LIARS. DING-DING-,,,,bell is rung.


by James “JB” Bryson

All I can say is “WOW“. I have dealt with some shady and insincere people in my life, but it is apparent to me clearly now how some people just don’t get or fathom the concept of FREE SPEECH, DEBATE, and SHARED OPINIONS.

So,,,,,,welcome to my life RED FROG BEACH CLUB. You are the big winners today. Your prize is literally ALL of the TIME and EFFORT I will now apply to you for doing the following:

  1. )Not reading or doing any REAL research into any of the blog entries I have published since we launched PNO. ( If you did, you would clearly see that my knowledge of Bocas del Toro was limited to my friends land issue last year. I/E I have never in the past and did not until a few days ago, give one single shit about RED FROG BEACH

2.) Not taking advantage of my MULTIPLE attempts to allow ANYONE from your group to reply freely and unedited to ANY statements that were provided un-solicited to PNO and provide an unedited editorial reply giving your side of the story.

3.) Contacting me on my personal email from TWO different persons BOTH claiming to be working and affiliated with RED FROG BEACH CLUB, bringing issue to stories contributed by “REAL” people. I mention the word “REAL” as PNO was not able to find the names of CHUCK MALAR as “acting COA President at RFB for 2 years“, or able to find JAY MILLER who stated he “works with the Red Frog project in Bocas Del Toro“. I don’t even know if these people are real.

Sorry, but can’t find anything online that substantiates anything they claim. I would also be remiss to not note that I was offered a trip to see the property and thrown the carrot of potential advertising on my site. Of which I currently offer complimentary regardless.

OK- so for those THREE reasons, the CEASE AND DESIST that I received from a “lawyer” that sent it to me from a Goddamn “GMAIL” account seems to be a bit funny to me. My email is JB@panamanowonline, and I am just a retired blogger helping ex-pats. This lawyer sends a C&D from GMAIL?? My bloodsucking attorneys had a laugh at that. My lawyers do not compel or start legal action from a GMAIL account. So Carmen Vicente does not have a law firm??

See here is the low down RED FROG BEACH CLUB,…I am a fair man. I am open on my site and thankfully people have responded to it. READ my ARCHIVES, and you will see that JAMES BRYSON and PNO has not had any opinion of RED FROG BEACH CLUB other than the POSITIVE one that I gave in the email chain below. PERIOD and END OF STORY GENUIUSES. The stories about others and the MONEY they lost, the STORIES they were told, and the BEHAVIOR they witnessed is 100,000,000 PERCENT accurate of their EXPERIENCES. The fact that you don’t agree with it is TOUGH SHIT!!!

PNO absolutely DID perform research into the claims made by “Rick” and found that YES, “Wright J. Thurston” absolutely “WAS” affiliated with RED FROG BEACH, and he absolutely DOES have a horrible reputation littered with lies. All verified. AND, if he is no longer affiliated with RED FROG BEACH, maybe send him a Cease and Desist from GMAIL, so HE can stop saying he is?!?!

And YES, “PILLAR PANAMA” are REAL CASES of REAL PEOPLE that DID HAPPEN. These people were hurt both personally and financially, and you want me to silence THEIR OPINIONS?? NFW

I gave “apparently” representatives of RED FROG BEACH CLUB, or at least people that presented themselves as such, the opportunity to rebut any discord. And rather than reply, they lawyer’d up with Carmen Vicente at “GMAIL”.

So before I share with our (25K weekly and growing) visitors the emails and links that show all I have just opined upon is true, I wanted to add my own “personal” comment.

If RED FROG BEACH CLUB thinks that I am just some weasly little blogger that has nothing else to do with my life your mistaken. I am a retired man with means. I faced a real threat as a member of the US Military in Vietnam, and I don’t take kindly to BULLIES. I am not a PUSSY! If I can stare down the VC, I am not shaking over a questionable hotel group in the ass end of Panama. I also did OK in my life and have the means to have REAL lawyers reply to you with a HARASSMENT case if I so choose to waste my money.

I have consulted with my group, of which lawyers not from GMAIL exist, and I will take this as FAR AS YOU WANT TO GO! I am currently wiping my ass with your CEASE and DESIST, as I have done ZERO to what you claim. I am breaking no laws, and nor would I.

I am not disseminating conjecture, as we have checked links provided by our readers and they have VALIDITY and WEIGHT.

If RED FROG BEACH CLUB truly wanted to exhibit that the behaviors the readers have spoke of are merely memories of a sordid past, than you could have very easily presented your case when offered and done so. YOU FAILED, and acted in the manner that all GUILTY people act. Trying to BULLY me into erasing the opinions of others just to serve your own self interests. In other words, acting like a COWARD instead of someone who can rationally and intelligently argue and present a differing opinion.

Yeah, I’m a bit PISSED OFF considering the courtesy I showed to you.

To PNO readers catching up or showing up late to the party. No worries. I am pasting the links to ALL archival blogs pertaining to Bocas del Toro and RED FROG. Read them and you will see that I have taken a (before today) a very mediating approach. I shared opinions of OTHERS, while listening, and offering those that disagree with the opportunity to reply.








OK PNO readers, you will see that we did (7) entries about property issues and otherwise in Bocas del Toro, without one single UTTERANCE of RED FROG BEACH CLUB. We were following up on issues of friends and fellow ex-pats that were screwed over with other issues not pertaining to RED FROG BEACH. Yup fellas, it ain’t all about you apparently. These stories prompted MANY and MANY people to FREELY and OPENLY contact US to tell their stories of Bocas.

Hence— https://panamanowonline.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=2439&action=edit , this post mentions RFB merely because a young woman died near there and it was a re-post of an internationally run story.

Then more people asked about the dangers of Panama that the tourist sites won’t mention., https://panamanowonline.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=2475&action=edit ,,,so we did that.

So we are then inundated with more than a few people speaking of RED FROG BEACH, and a reader submitted his heavily vetted article of which we gladly shared. PLEASE all read my prefacing foreward, and discern if I was slanted in any way. HMMMMM, as THIS is the article that is sending them off the rails and they have asked me to TAKE DOWN. https://panamanowonline.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=2518&action=edit

NO F’in WAY. It has over 15K views,,,,that makes it news and that makes it relevant. No wonder they want it down.

Then we warn people of the “fixers” that further fleeced the people in Bocas after they were already feeling the loss of money and dreams. https://panamanowonline.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=2542&action=edit

But more RED FROG BEACH complaints came in. https://panamanowonline.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=2573&action=edit . I believe my first sentence was ” Okie dokie, I will lay this out once to just say it. I HAVE NO DOG IN ANY FIGHT WITH RED FROG BEACH OR ITS OWNERS OR DEVELOPERS! Book it, print it, document it.”


LMFAO, here is me literally stating openly online that I am getting hit with countless complaints and asking for an alternative opinion. https://panamanowonline.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=2690&action=edit

PAUSE——- then came the emails from the “people” from RED FROG BEACH. Below is the UNEDITED FULL COMMUNICATIONS. Who ends up looking like an HONEST PERSON here??

****BELOW STARTS THE EMAIL CHAIN BETWEEN MYSELF AND THOSE REPRESENTING THEMSELVES TO BE FROM RED FROG BEACH CLUB*****______________________________________________________________________________

Malarchuck <xxxxxxxxx@protonmail.com>Mon 5/20, 10:58 AM

J B- Hello
I saw your post about Bocas Buyers at a “particular property”. I own land and a Villa at Red Frog Beach (RFB). I first purchased property in 2007 and still own my property. In fact, I just left Bastimentos Island 10 days ago after a 28 day visit to my home. 
It’s odd for me to hear about these “horror stories” every once in a while. Since being a property owner on Bastimentos and acting as the COA President for 2 years at RFB, my experience is no different than anywhere else I have lived. Of course there are problems at RFB but in an imperfect world, there are problems everywhere. Sometimes both elevators in my Miami Beach building break on the same day and the city takes way too long to come for the needed inspection before the elevator can be legally operated again!
After being involved so many years and meeting many owners, I have come to realize that there are some people at the resort like me, those who are happy and truly love being at the resort. And there are some that like to complain. My family goes to dinner with those that are happy living in paradise. We are also friends with the complainers. For me, it comes down to where do I want to put my focus. I prefer to focus on the absolute beauty of the Island, the incredible weather, fresh & clean air, etc… This is why I love it there and am excited to return again soon!
There is definitely lots to complain about. The resort owners have really struggled to run an efficient business and create a positive experience for guests. I remember how the resort struggled during the financial crisis. But instead of complaining, I actually see how all the hard work the resort put in to save my investment and every other person that invested money in property. Had they just walked away and went bankrupt, who knows where we would all be in trying to regain our investment. After seeing how some people have treated the resort owners, I would not fault them if they did walk away and default. But instead, they had the integrity to work until they became sick to keep the project together and going. They saved the resort and everyones investment. 
I don’t see scammers at RFB like a few very loud others and not sure why these people are so bent on trying to destroy the reputation of one of the most incredible places. 
One owner from RFB

From: Jay Miller <xxxxxxxxxx@gmail.com>
Sent: Wednesday, June 12, 2019 8:16 AM
To: J B
Subject: Red Frog Link

Dear JB:

I work with the Red Frog Beach project in Bocas del Toro and the comments on this blog are very dramatic and untrue. The Wright Thurston guy was involved 15 years ago. The group Oceans Group took over the project a while back and turned it around and most people buying in Bocas that care about title and security Red Frog has a good track record. 

Of course every real estate project has a coupld disgruntled owners but I can assure you that the blog is not accurate of the general success of the resort. The resort is one of the largest employers in Bocas and I personally believe it helps everyone in the country to turn the reputation of Bocas around.

Would you be interested in a visit to stay for a few days to see first hand?

Also, could you let me know your website traffic and perhaps it would be worth advertising with you.

Here is the article thread that I’m requesting be removed:

EDITORIAL: How My Family was SCAMMED and SCREWED by RED FROG BEACH in BOCAS del TORO. – Panama Now Online panamanowonline.com Rick-I have read your posts and let me come right out and say what I FEEL. And that is you should STEER CLEAR of RED FROG BEACH. It is due to an experience that I had to go through with my sister and her husband that soured me on Panama and has me in Mexico as an alternative starting in 2020.


Jay Miller

From: J B
Sent: Friday, June 14, 2019 5:48:57 AM
To: Jay Miller
Subject: Re: Red Frog Link

Saludos Jay-

I have actually stayed there in the past. It was around 2010 and I think the actual home I stayed in was gorgeous. We had a nice weekend. The roads were a bit rough for the carts we were given, but it’s Bocas. 

As I have stated on my blog, I have no dog in the fight. I mentioned that my friend had a land issue in Isla Colon and it started a daisy chain of people writing in that led to Red Frog complaints.

PNO.com had eight (8) main people contact me concerning their personal experiences with Red Frog, and a particular case (PILLAR PANAMA).

The blog I entered was based off a story from a reader that had a major bone to pick with Mr.Thurston and Mr.Haley.

My son in law is still practicing law back in Illinois, and let’s face it…….there are some severe substantiated claims against Mr.Thurston that we felt very comfortable disseminating after researching.

The rest of the entry is his personal account of what he and his sister went through. 

I then had many others contact the website to chime in.

If you see attached link, I also posted a reader that had a positive reply to the same article and I immediately put it up also.

He stated he worked for RFB as well, and I still posted and simply removed his name.

I have also had people send me in video links that I have NOT posted that show a group of people with Red Frog security shirts on with sticks, machetes, and cell phones harassing a group of Americans that were on a piece of property that I can only imagine is under some type of dispute.  I choose NOT to get involved in anything ongoing, but have no issues speaking of past experiences.

As to your other point, that entry is a editorial contribution from Rick, and then the reply that it created. It just remains as part of the PNO.com archive. There have been too many entries linked to it for me to remove and generally that is not what the site is about.

But I just posted an entry today before I travel where I encourage people to contribute with anything they have to say.

I would DEFINITELY post and publish any rebuttal or reply to the claims made in the interest of being fair. 

As I stated, Ex-Pats have varying opinions and should be shared.

On the topic of advertising, I waited a year before I opened the banners and just started a short time ago. 

My average daily traffic is around 2500 post views daily. All of which is verifiable through my web hosting provider.

During the elections we hit up to 10K visitors a day. 

We added a new business last week and have two more to go up upon my return.

I would be very open to adding RFB as an advertiser, as I stated my blog is not to take sides. 

Please take my request to prepare your opinion on Red Frog and please send to me. 

I will be back in Panama on Tuesday and we can touch base further then. 

Thank you Jay- look forward to hearing back from you. 


PNO.com will disseminate differing opinions. In this case “Red Frog Beach” in Bocas del Toro. – Panama Now Online panamanowonline.com by James “JB” Bryson. Earlier this year I had a PNO.com reader contact us after I posted a blog entry about my friend having a squatter issue on land he purchased (or believed he purchased) a few years back.

Mon 7/8, 6:46 AM

Jay Miller <xxxxxxxxx@gmail.com>

Hello Jay-

I replied back to you after your lengthy email and I have not heard from you.

I should add that another person that stated they worked with Red Frog is the one that contributed the rebuke of what other complained about in previous Bocas posts.

I am back in San Francisco, Panama after the holidays, and PNO.com was sent a large dossier of information from a law firm in Panama City that requested an Op Ed piece to be published.  The irony is that is EXACTLY what I want to have done, but this is a blistering attack against RFB yet again.

PNO.com, with the help of my son in law and freelance writers, has had traffic grow to 60-80K visitors per month so far in 2019. We are hopeful to break 1 Million this year. 

You mentioned you have a differing opinion, and I would like to be made privy to it as opposed to just giving a platform to one side. PNO.com stumbled upon this issue in Bocas del Toro and Red Frog Beach organically through site visitors and readers. My interest is primarily Politics, and Environmental topics, while also assisting ex-pats with transitions. Mud slinging between jilted investors did not spur our mission statement. But to deny there is a story that is passionate to many is disingenuous. 

Please reply back, and we can correspond via email or set up a time to speak. But I would like to hear the other side of the story.



******THIS MARKS THE END OF THE E-MAIL CORRESPONDENCE BETWEEN MYSELF AND THOSE PURPORTED TO BE FROM RED FROG BEACH CLUB*****_____________________________________________________________________________

OK people, so the ONLY person that has posted ANYTHING POSITIVE about RED FROG BEACH is actually ME. Since they DID NOT provide anything to me on their own, I went as far to be fair and balanced as to post CHUCK MALAR’S glowing opinion of RED FROG just to provide an alternative point. Uhh,,,,,YOUR WELCOME ASSHOLES!

Which brings us to the other day and my “GMAIL” threat. Listed right below.

And that is your whole story UP TO THE MINUTE. I hope you all enjoyed this little truthful and transparent trip down memory lane. I feel completely and utterly vindicated that neither myself, nor anyone at PNO.com has done anything but be fair to our readers and contributors, while also giving every chance in the world for others to chime in.

So I will close as I began,,,,I HATE BULLIES!! There are stories surrounding this development and I see clearly now more than ever there is fire around that smoke. I was a gentleman and you tried to puff out your chest and push me around. Good Ol Johnny says it best with his finger in this famous picture, but I second the sentiment.

How about you follow the “GMAIL” Cease and Desist from Carmen Vicente with an apology for not taking me up on my offer to reply. Then an apology to my readers and contributors for making them out to be liars and malcontents. And then maybe a donation to a nice environmental charity that exhibits what GOOD PEOPLE you are over there at RED FROG BEACH CLUB.

I offered a forum to defend your points and you chose to demonize and “kill the messenger” instead. If your lawyer is as “real” as the people that contacted me on e-mail, ask them if they can find ANYWHERE an instance where James “JB” Bryson took a swipe at RED FROG BEACH CLUB???? Then have them tell the people that produced actual court dates and docket numbers and legal invoices that they are lying. That’s what makes this path your taking so funny to me. EVEN IF I DID portray something unfavorable, it’s an opinion. Can Chocolate sue Vanilla? Jerkoffs!!!!

I was just watching WIMBLEDON this morning, “ADVANTAGE JB”. And unlike before I now do have a “dog in this fight”. You can thank GMAIL for that. That Carmen Vicente must be a great lawyer BTW. My granddaughter can write a better document on her IPAD and she’s 11.


Wooooooo Boyyy!!! Remind me not to get into your cross hairs JB. What branch of the services JB? I’m an ex-marine (well once a marine always a marine). I should say I’m a 55 year old non active duty marine put to pasture almost 29 years ago.

James just sent you my email address below. Long time reader first time commenting. I’ve got a complete dosier on these guys I would love to share with you. Please please contact me. Not a little fire where there’s smoke. These guys are a Californian Wildfire burning out of control. Please contact me back would love to talk and share….

Hey Mark- ARMY my fellow man., I saw all you Semper Fi guys running past me while I was fixing engines. Much respect.
59 over here in Panama dealing with some sleazy pansies. All in a days work friend. Oorah.

Man, they certainly look like shit here.
You 100 percent were above board JB, and good for you for telling them to shove it.
Multiple chances to submit and they go radio silent then lawyer up. That equals scumbags in my book.
I read this and looked on website and only see sales contacts. No real names or people.
I’m certain at the beginning of this story is people in that case getting raked over coals.
That is why the one apparent guy was so quick to say they are a new group,,,but the same main people still affiliated???
All those people do is fold, rebrand, and try to hide from past.
Great work

JB- PLEASE feel free to post this comment on the site openly.

My name is Peter McKinney.
And me, Mr.Peter McKinney wrote the contribution to PanamaNowOnline about RED FROG BEACH back on JAN 28, 2019.
I stand by every single word I relayed to your reader Rick, and went as far as to show him the links to where I obtained the information.

I saw that you JB were given a Cease and Desist from a very suspect looking e-mail due to the FACTS that I presented to you. I have given you my contact information, and if I am EVER required or needed to provide an affidavit or a deposition in which my opinions need to be verified I will do so at my OWN EXPENSE.

My sister and her husband were DAMAGED by RED FROG BEACH. PERIOD!!!!
That scumbag Wright J. Thurston lied and took advantage of my family.
The emails sent to you are trying to distance themselves from him it seems, so tell me why his CURRENT LINKED IN PAGE states he is “FOUNDER,PARTNER,AND INVESTOR” in RED FROG BEACH AND CLUB- 2006 – PRESENT ???????

Like you said, maybe they should send something to him to ask him to stop associating himself with them if he is truly part of the “PAST”. Joe Haley is still involved, so how much of a past is it?

PILLAR PANAMA cases OCCURRED and EXIST. It is not conjecture or slander.
They can’t hide from what has happened.

Screw them JB.
Contact me anytime.


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