Six going on Seven Years of “trying” to be a positive voice and source of information for Ex-Pats coming to this diverse ( yet fucked up ) retirement haven.

Look, the truth is after all my time here through Martinelli-Varela-and Cortizo- I can tell you PANAMA is “shadier than an Oak Tree”. Giving them the canal was like giving a teenager a Formula 1 Race car. Too Much-Too soon.

YES they are democratic- YES there are economic advantages- YES there are beautiful things to see and if planned right your quality of retirement will definitely be advantageous to Ex-Pats.

But I can’t really opine too much on that because I let a skinny, white, lying American crawl up my ass in 2018, and he hasn’t come out yet.

I’ve taken walks, done Yoga with the wife, even had a second mild stroke. But I love shining the light to help Americans and all Ex-Pats.

The politics are corrupt and people can be bought. It is a landscape you need to learn and investigate before making the move. “Gringo Games” is a revenue stream down here.

But when considering LATAM as a place to retire, it remains the cream of the crop.

I am hoping the best in 2024- Election Year, and some other events I really hop come to fruition.

Grab your loved ones, given em a hug, and HAPPY NEW YEAR>



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A incredibly popular ex-President, who has done prison time in the US, been sent back to Panama, done prison time here. Won Mayoral race while incarcerated. Has had two sons do prision time in Guatemala and US. Family owns the equivalent of the nation’s WAL MART, is exonerated on charges. …

Get ready for a bloodbath election year. Gloves are off with these people.

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