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The Ministry of the Environment (Miambiente) announced yesterday the reopening, as of next Monday, October 26, of a second group of natural areas under its protection. This time it is the reserves that include marine, aquatic and lake areas.

Minsa makes official reactivation of new group of activities; walks to beaches, natural parks and rivers will have to waitMinsa: activities can be done in natural parks only in ‘family bubble’ and bus rides to these places are prohibited

The announcement of the entity comes one day after the Ministry of Health (Minsa) communicated about the reopening of beach areas throughout the country, starting this weekend. However, in the case of marine protected areas, Miambiente explained that to enter it is necessary to make a reservation 72 hours in advance.

As for the main activities that can be carried out in these areas are: snorkeling, use of the beach and diving. For this, they will have the supervision of personnel authorized by the environmental entity, in order to ensure proper compliance with the biosecurity measures, and also monitor the good behavior of visitors within the reserves.

Among the protected areas that will be available from Monday are the Isla Bastimentos Marine Park, in Bocas del Toro, the Isla Iguana Wildlife Refuge, in Los Santos, the Coiba and Cerro Hoya National Parks, in Veraguas, as well as the refuge de Vida Silvestre Taboga, in Panama, the Darien National Park and the Gulf of Chiriquí National Marine Park.

According to Miambiente, to reopen these natural spaces, the criteria established by the Minsa were taken into account, in addition to those that have to do with the management and management capacity of these protected areas, such as the availability of personnel to attend to the visitor and the good condition of the site.

He also reminded the population that they must comply with biosecurity measures at all times, which include the mandatory use of a mask, carry antibacterial gel or alcohol, comply with social distancing and respect the entry times to the reserves.

Some 14 terrestrial protected areas in Panama opened to the public on October 5, where one of their main activities is hiking. In total, the country has approximately 120 protected areas.

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