EX-PAT ALERT: Backpackers and Vacationers take a look at labels in Bocas del Toro supply chain.


“JB”-  You know my feelings on Bocas and Isla Colon. If invested in properly, what is already the tourism hub of Panama, would be a tropical jewel. I feel things are changing looking forward, as “REAL” developers are getting primed to build sustainable and professionally thought out developments. We have seen a few real beautiful resorts and re-modeled properties occurring recently, that will bring more professional people to the region.

It is NOW however, IMO, still a “3rd world shithole” stuck in one of the most beautiful tropical regions on the planet. A side effect of this instituted lack of infrastructure is “supply chain” and the proper regulated flow of basic essentials into the region. I hear it from friends who head into Isla Colon from the outer islands. 

So, PNO is advising “ALL” to take that extra second to look at expiration dates of products sold at local bodegas and markets. If you get sick out there, your a long way from great medical back in PC. Look at Produce. Just be careful. It is a hard place to get to and I worked in the ports for two decades. It just takes a few delays to place your health at risk. A “REAL” resort or hostel will have QC precautions in place. But a “Mom-Pop” grocery, or questionable “Bar-Grill” is a different story.       


Some products without price control

The Authority for Consumer Protection and Defense of Competition (Acodeco) of Bocas del Toro, detected the sale of 426 expired products through verification carried out at seven convenience stores located in Changuinola.

Among the irregularities detected in the convenience stores are: expired products, a direct fine of B/.250.00 was imposed for failure to control the price of beef sausage, 10 expired products.

It should be noted that, despite the street closures due to protests and shortages in November, until yesterday the Acodeco of Bocas del Toro visited 21 businesses, of which 10 did not comply with price control, so a total of fines for B/.4,250.00 only in the district of Changuinola. 

Among the products that presented anomalies were sardines, macaroni, premium rice and lentils , in some cases without a control price and others above the maximum price.

The Regional Administration of the Acodeco of Bocas del Toro is very attentive to complaints filed by consumers, through the Institutional Information and Complaint System (Sindi) at 6330-3333 (WhatsApp and Telegram) as well as social media accounts. AcodecoPma on Facebook, X (formerly Twitter) and the website. Bocatoreño consumers can also call 750-0608 for more information.

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