Cyber threats and computer bullshit to continue in 2020 and beyond.


The impact of cybercrime will undoubtedly grow in the coming years. Cybersecurity Ventures statistics reveal that such crimes will cost the world $ 6 billion by 2021, compared to $ 3 billion in 2015. This represents the largest economic transfer in history, its amount exceeds, for example, the illegal transfer of drugs to global level.

It also highlights the need for greater innovation and investment in this area, which allows counteracting the tactics of cybercriminals, especially in view of next year, in which new and more sophisticated threats await us.

“In the last year cyber attacks have increased significantly in size and sophistication. New technologies and mobile devices within organizations are the perfect target for cybercriminals, opening the doors to greater cyber risk. The increase in threats, tools and innovative strategies in the attack methods used by cybercriminals can jeopardize not only information but the security of people, so cybersecurity is crucial to face the new digital era, he says Eli Faskha, executive director of Safe Solutions.

In this context, Soluciones Seguras, a leading cybersecurity company at the regional level, reveals the main threats that 2020 will bring us. The information is based on the 2020 Vision: Cybersecurity predictions for the coming year report (Vision 2020: Cybersecurity Predictions for the next year) from Check Point Software Technologies:

1. A new cyber cold war: Intelligence and technology will be the main weapon in new “cold wars” between powers of the East and West, for example, the current commercial war between the United States and China.

Cyber ​​attacks will also be used in direct and indirect conflicts between small countries, funded and enabled by large nations that seek to consolidate and extend their spheres of influence.

2. Fake news 2.0 in the US elections: The US elections in 2016 were the beginning of the spread of fake news based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). The political adversaries created special teams that spread false stories to undermine support for their opponents.

3. Increase attacks on Critical Infrastructures: Public utilities continue to be targets of cyber attacks. In many cases, the critical energy and water distribution infrastructure uses older technology that is vulnerable to remote exploitation.

4. Targeted Ransomware: In 2019, Ransomware exploits became highly selective against specific companies, as well as against local government and health care organizations. The attackers spend time collecting information about their victims to ensure that they can cause maximum disruption and rescues are expanded accordingly.

This tactic is so harmful that the FBI has softened its stance on the payment of bailouts, now acknowledges that, in some cases, companies can evaluate options to protect their shareholders, employees and customers.

5. Phishing beyond email: While email is still the main attack vector, cybercriminals are also using other channels, including SMS text messages or the use of messages on social networks and gaming platforms.

6. Mobile malware attacks increase: The first half of 2019 saw a 50% increase in mobile banking malware attacks compared to 2018. This malware can steal payment data, credentials and money from bank accounts. victims In 2020, phishing attacks will become more sophisticated and effective.

7. 5G: more devices, more speed, more risks: As 5G networks are deployed, the use of Internet of Things (IoT) devices will accelerate and network vulnerability will increase.

IoT devices and their connections to networks and clouds remain a weak link in security

Given this scenario, the new generation of security will be based on nano-agents, that is, micro plugins that work on any device, operating system and environment.

8. Artificial Intelligence will improve security: Most security solutions are based on detection engines based on man-made logic, but it is impossible to keep it updated against the latest threats. AI accelerates the identification of new threats and responses to them, helping to block attacks before they can spread.

9. Companies reconsider their position towards the cloud: Increasing dependence on public cloud infrastructure increases companies’ exposure to the risk of interruptions, as evidenced by the interruption of Google Cloud, in March 2019.

This will lead organizations to consider hybrid environments that include private and public clouds.

10. High-profile companies targeted: As internal tensions in the countries continue (for example, political crises in Chile, Ecuador and Colombia), we will see an increase in cyber attacks targeting companies of great relevance in those nations. These attacks will focus on interrupting the Internet-oriented services trusted by customers and employees of these companies.

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