Back home after a wonderful holiday!!! Happy 2024 PNO’ers.


Hello friends and readers. I truly hope all had a safe and joyous holiday season to end 2023. It was great as always to see family, and my wife remembered I exist below the waist as also above it. =) =) =)

On the topic of New Year, this will as mentioned be an interesting one here in Panama. I encourage you to shoot us over your “resolutions” for 2024, and what it is you’d like to change in you or see happen elsewhere.

They generally only last until March anyway, but what the hell, let’s give it a roll.

Saludos, and off we go again.


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A incredibly popular ex-President, who has done prison time in the US, been sent back to Panama, done prison time here. Won Mayoral race while incarcerated. Has had two sons do prision time in Guatemala and US. Family owns the equivalent of the nation’s WAL MART, is exonerated on charges. …

Get ready for a bloodbath election year. Gloves are off with these people.

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