WOW- Election Year and Gabby remembers there are Indigenous voters, lets shake some hands.

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On the third day of his tour of the Ngäbe Buglé Region, a large crowd reiterated their support for Gaby in the midst of indigenous cultural demonstrations

Residents of the 27 townships of the Müna and Ñürüm districts gave a great welcome to presidential candidate José Gabriel Carrizo.

On the third day of his tour of the Ngäbe Buglé Region, a large crowd reiterated their support for Gaby in the midst of native cultural demonstrations. “I feel excited to be back in regional territory and from here I announce that in my administration an Indigenous Ministry will be created to improve the living conditions of our brothers from all over the country.

In the 27 townships that make up the regional districts of Müna and Ñürüm, more than 50 thousand voters are eligible for the May 5 elections.

Omar Torrijos was the first ruler who provided support for the development of the country’s indigenous communities. The Ngäbe Buglé Comarca was created in 1997 during a PRD government and under the current administration, also of the Democratic Revolutionary Party, more than one billion dollars have been allocated in investment and social aid.

“We are going to increase the Opportunities Network by giving more than 150 balboas per month to those women who need it. “We will also expand coverage from 120 to 65 and we will provide scholarships to young people in the region so that they have greater access to university,” Carrizo highlighted.

Accompanied by his wife Julieta Spiegel, the presidential candidate, he received spontaneous displays of affection from people who passed by him. On this day Carrizo met with the candidates for popularly elected positions and the party structure of the two districts.

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