Why deny Prosecution request for more time to investigate ODEBRECHT???


OP ED: James “JB” Bryson– the answer is CLEAR. There are politicians, diplomats, judges, and a ton of people that this Brazilian MOB has paid off over the years. People are in heavy CYA mode.


The anti-corruption prosecutor Tania Sterling informed on Friday, August 9 that they already have in their hands the ruling of the Second Superior Court of Justice that denied extending the deadline to continue investigating in the case of the payment of bribes paid by Odebrecht in Panama.

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    Odebrecht ruling sends impunity message
    Court denies more time for Odebrecht bribery case
    “Yesterday [Thursday, August 8] we finally had formal access to car 51 of August 2, 2019, in which the Second Court confirms the decision of the judge of first instance,” Sterling said in an interview in the news TVN morning.

He said they will now look for “the legal formula” to continue “to the last consequences” with this case.

He argued that the ruling was “an unfortunate decision, taking into account that it is an investigation that still gave or gives much to develop … and I say give because we do not give up on the issue of exhausting all recursive instances to which we can turn after a thorough analysis [of the failure] “.

He recalled that this is an investigation that has 82 people charged.

According to what anti-corruption prosecutors have disclosed, Odebrecht distributed more than $ 100 million in bribes in the country. Between 2010 and 2014, when Ricardo Martinelli was president of the Republic, they would have paid $ 96.7 million in exchange for public works contracts. While between 2006 and 2008, with Martín Torrijos as ruler, according to prosecutors, they would have delivered bribes for about $ 10 million.

At that time they reported that five projects awarded under the presidency of Juan Carlos Varela (2009-2014) were investigated. The Panamanian Party, to which Varela belongs, would have received $ 10 million from the construction company through former South Korean ambassador Jaime Lasso, through the V-tech and Poseidon societies.

Between 2006-2008, during the management of Torrijos, Odebrecht was awarded three works: the Remigio Rojas system, the coastal belt 1 and the Madden-Colón highway. Marpesca Seatrade LLC, Caribbean Holding Services, Ltd., Vernell Development Corp and World Securities, among others, were targeted.

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