What a crock of SHIT! Carrizo says Corruption cases not on the agenda…? I wonder why? # NITOISAPUSSY



OP ED: “JB”- My biggest regret so far this year??? Having PNO vigorously throw support around this gutless pussy of a President that continues to “talk tough” about corruption . Who succeeded handsome Satan and Porcell, and who continues to let these punk power hungry young cabinet of his play for pay. NITOISAPUSSY. Period.

Despite the recent scandals due to alleged irregularities in contracts linked to the pandemic, an anti-corruption agenda is not on the Executive’s radar at the moment, and was thus evidenced yesterday in a meeting between the Vice President of the Republic, José Gabriel Carrizo, and the independent deputies Juan Diego Vásquez and Gabriel Silva.

This, due to the fact that the independent caucus issued a statement last week, in which it asked the Executive to include anti-corruption bills on the agenda of the extraordinary sessions.

He proposed to discuss the initiative that grants reward and protection to those who report acts of corruption; the proposal that expands Law 6 of January 2, 2002 (on transparency); the project that regulates the conflict of interest in the public sector; and the one that establishes the imprescriptibility of corruption crimes.

Vásquez and Silva, however, said yesterday that these topics will not be included in the extraordinary sessions, since the Executive is interested in addressing issues related to the Social Security Fund (CSS).

“From the meeting it is clear to me that transparency, institutionality and justice are unfortunately not a priority. The supposed priority is CSS. Which is important. However, to fix the CSS you have to remove corruption, conflicts of interest and bottles, “Silva wrote on Twitter. This media learned that the call for extraordinary could be dealt with today in the Cabinet.

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