Upcoming World Youth Day something to be proud of for Panama


Israel Ramos V., parish priest of the church San Antonio María Claret, from the capital town of Pueblo Nuevo, was on a formative visit to the city of Madrid (Spain) when he learned the good news: Panama would be the headquarters of World Youth Day (WYD)

The voice of Christ took them to Krakow
It was about that message that Pope Francis gave, before 2 million people who accompanied him on Campus Misericordiae, 13 kilometers away from Krakow, where the final mass of that World Youth Day took place and there it was learned that our country would be the new headquarters.

This news made Israel Ramos V glad because this event, which will take place from January 22 to 27, 2019, will be the occasion to unite the young Catholics of the planet in one place, our isthmus, and will have the presence of Pope Francis, as well as other ecclesiastical authorities.


The starting point of WYD was when Pope Paul VI met thousands of young people in Rome in 1975.

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