THIS is what I proposed to be organized in Bocas. Place is too beautiful to be filthy.


The call aims to join a large volunteer to undertake the adventure on August 25.

OP ED: “JB”- I took some shrapnel when a few people thought that I was taking shots at Bocas del Toro with some of the posts I have had. I hope now that I have weeded out some of the fake people and real people, one can see that if anyone has truly read my blogs and posts is that I LOVE the environment of PANAMA, and I feel Bocas stands out as one of the crown jewels of the entire country. In my opinion San Blas is much better maintained, yet Bocas has some of the most picturesque beach scenes even a painter couldn’t re-create. But the town is dirty as shit. I would love to see the government provide a true and proven way to keep Bocas town and Isla Colon more kempt, but absent that it depends on grass roots efforts to clean shit up. Mark my words, if I indeed lived there I would 100% head up this effort. I am not talking out of my ass. I would do it. I would implore those that are in that vicinity to do something like this effort here in Bocas. I have been a party to over 30 beach and mangrove clean up efforts and it is AMAZING what even say 20-30 people could do in an entire day. Just IMHO.


The Metropolitan Natural Park organizes a special day of cleaning around this important natural lung, under the motto: ‘I protect my legacy, I think green’. The objective of the initiative is to commemorate World National Park Day and educate citizens about the importance of keeping park boundaries clean and creating a culture of social responsibility with the environment. The call aims to join a large volunteer to undertake the adventure on August 25. For more information, contact by phone 232-5552 or email

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