PNO is your MARTINELLI WATCH headquarters!!!!!


by James “JB” Bryson

OK, for a guy that as blogged about this case from Day 1, you have to see how I am on pins and needles here.

YES- I am a Martinelli supporter. But don’t get that confused with being an APOLOGIST. I do not think he is a perfect man that has done nothing wrong. ( NO, as THAT is what VARELA purported to be, and you have seen on this site the amount of horseshit we have thrown in that guy’s direction).

I am of the opinion that this charade has been a punch to the face of REAL justice as it was just a witch hunt to vault Varela to a faux moral high ground. THIS entire Panamanian political system, since the canal was handed over 100%, has been rife with corruption. I am saying that RICARDO MARTINELLI is NOT the face of the corruption and should NOT be looked upon as such. His terms did GREAT things for this country.

If he is guilty, then it should then open a daisy chain of cases against every high level official of the past 25 years. This case has been Bullshit.


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