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by James “JB” Bryson

Over the past few weeks I have had to deal with two Hurricanes. The one of the weather variety that was scaring the shit out of my daughter and son in law in Florida, and the one that was occurring in my inbox over the dispute between Tres Cruces and Red Frog Beach. Much of which has already been reported in by both sides in “real” news reporting services and not my blog. I have explained to people on both sides that PNO has no issue in trying to assist people that have been victimized in Panama. Sort of a responsibility I feel all Ex-Pats have when people are coming over here. I have made it clear, my distaste with Red Frog stemmed from the way people were coming at me and my site and let’s call a spade a spade,,,,,being pretty big dicks in the way they attacked me. In return, they get the “Johnny Cash” finger. I come from a military family, and my family has served and fought for free speech, so when “opinions” are attacked I responded accordingly.

I have since, with some help, been able to dissect and review information sent directly to me, unsolicited from BOTH sides of this issue. And believe me it is every bit an “ISSUE“. Some rather amazing claims that have been volleyed back and forth long before my Illinois ass ever settled in Panama.

In the time since I have been able to correspond at length with people from both opposing sides. One in the form of a very long interview, and the other through very detailed email correspondence.

It is NOT the position of me to be an adjudicator on land issues, it’s not my forte. I concern myself with the “people” and the stories attached and then merely provide my own PERSONAL opinion based off what I have learned. This issue took on a life of it’s own as I was attacked and threatened legally at one point. Barring that, it was just another human interest story. After performing my due diligence, I will tell you that PNO is altruistic and not looking to be some sort of internet player per se’. PNO will not become a carbon copy of a website and blog from that past that got WAY involved in this issue (apparently for BOTH sides). Simply not “JB”.

So please stop the prodding with the emails. I have spoken with interested parties, and plan to do so again. When and if we have something to disseminate, we surely will. But it will NOT be at the behest of alarm bell ringers from either side. It will be when PNO feels we have something to say.

Sorry if I sound like a prick, but if that does not suffice until I get all of the information, then any and all of you are free to contact the real newspapers and harass them to print something. Love you guys, but I am reading ALOT of stuff.



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JB seems you’ve been flipped by Red Frog… Did they offer you a couple weeks of free stay? How long before they are a sponsor on your site. Long time reader but I know the story and the Red Frog guys are on the wrong end of it. Liked you better when you were giving those entitled pricks the finger. Don Winner 2.0 nite.

Paul- people that make assumptions like you are the reason why I get riled up. You go off half cocked and don’t know squat. Simply don’t visit my blog. I am not making money, don’t do it for money. Don Winner 2.0 my ass. I have gone above and beyond to NOT be swayed by pokes or prods from either side. I have been blogging for almost 2 years before I even gave this any real thought. I wish now I hadn’t. I have spoken to people from BOTH sides. I have gotten through all the TROLLS and spoke to real people. I have listened and I am going to allow ALL to express what they wish without slant or editing. And after that I really don’t care to intervene. But you saying I’m “flipped” is dogshit. Your just flat out wrong.

Paul / James openly said months ago he was offered to visit RedFrog. Your a Fucking troll plant and the reason why people don’t want to pursue these claims.
I’ve been reading JB for over a year, then “Paul” shows up slinging accusations.
Long time reader my ass. Internet troll.
Fuck these guys JB.

Everyone at Red Frog is talking about having some guy last named Barletta working for them full time offering goverment officials vilas and other perks for them to help them get away with stealing perlitos land.


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