PNO encourages readers and posters to share how they are dealing with COVID.


by James “JB” Bryson: I am receiving quite a few emails from some of the readers and Ex-pat contacts I have been acquainted to over the years. I take any email sent to me as confidential in nature, yet if any want to share how they are dealing with this unprecedented event in our history, I would encourage you to do so in the comments portion.

Right now we are all going through our own version of confined hysteria. Each person has their own plight to deal with. It may be financial or it may be not being able to see a loved one. In terms of Ex-pats, we are literally STUCK here with no definitive date in sight as to when we can see our loved ones back home.

Feel free to vent, or simply share what your stories may be, Together maybe we can in some cathartic way be able to help each other through shared concerns.

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My husband and I have been coming to Panama since 2004. Always loved the country until now. Being from the US we are not used to this “house arrest” situation. To make it worse, there doesn’t seem to be any plan to work toward getting back to normal. One never knows until last minute if Saturdays are lock down. This is a hard ship as I have shoulder issues and carring heavy groceries back home is very difficult for me on Fridays. It is very frustrating hearing stories of waste and corruption in relation to this virus and Gerry D spends several minutes on Panama reinstituting the one month free insurance for tourists. If this government can’t get this country open again you can kiss tourisim goodbye.

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