Panama to receive $2M grant for Jaguar. (Nice start….but MUCH MORE needed)


OP ED by: James “JB” Bryson

While I applaud the attention, and literally “anything” that is allocated to this important issue,……is it just me or does $2Million in 2019 to protect the only apex mammal indigenous to the entire country of Panama seem a bit on the “cheap as shit” side of things. PANAMA, as in the NATION, should be taking care of this creature as a matter of national PRIDE. It should not be relegated to the generosity of grants and charities. IMHO


Panama will receive $ 2 million for the implementation of the Conservation of Felines and Species of Dam Project, which was approved by the Board of Directors of the Global Environment Facility (GEF), through public-private partnerships and human conflict management -jaguar in Panama.

With this project, the rehabilitation of critical habitats is sought, increasing the connectivity between the Chagres National Park and the Darién National Park; contribute to the conservation of endangered species such as jaguars.

The GEF also seeks to implement the long-term wildlife corridor; the conservation of biodiversity;incorporate measures to fight against predation in livestock to reduce conflicts of fauna and humans; and solid monitoring systems focused on the jaguar, which contribute to the conservation objectives of the entire region.

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