PANAMA still can’t get it’s shit together with “illegal logging” affecting our tropical canopy.


An international operation against illegal logging coordinated by the Italian Carabineros (military police), under the guidance of Europol, and with the collaboration of the police of Spain, Brazil, Costa Rica and Panama, concluded with the seizure of wooden containers from Myanmar and Brazil worth tens of thousands of euros.

The forest police forces of Italy, France, Germany and the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Costa Rica and Panama participated in the operation, called ‘Madeira de lei’, the Carabineros explained in a note.

“The police activities carried out referred to the fight against illegal logging, smuggling, document fraud, money laundering and tax evasion,” they add.

In total, there were 226 joint controls that ended “with the seizure of wooden containers from Myanmar and Brazil worth an estimated tens of thousands of euros.”

The importance of this type of operations is also reported because “illegal timber trade depletes the natural resources of the countries of origin and has a direct impact on deforestation and, consequently, climate change.”

“International trafficking and illegal activities in the forestry sector generate up to 100 billion euros for organized crime each year and represent the second largest “turnover” after drugs, which reaches a record of 200 billion euros,” is added in the statement.

The trafficking of wood from illegal logging occurs by falsifying its origin through false documents and bribery to pass customs controls.

Various types of wood such as teak, rosewood, ipe and pernambuco are in high demand in European countries, where they can be used for multiple purposes, including the nautical market and general construction.

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