Kansas City Chiefs make it 3 out of 4 in winning SUPER BOWL. Just ask Taylor.


I am well aware of the difference between what LATAM refer to as “FOOTBALL” and us GRINGOES, but the biggest sporting event in the US passed last SUNDAY, with KANSAS CITY taking home the crown. With Pop Icon TAYLOR SWIFT cheering on her boyfriend of the moment, the CHIEFS needed OT, yet got past the SAN FRANCISCO 49ers for their 3rd CHAMPIONSHIP in 4 years. I grew up a BEARS fans, so beyond 1985.  Nothing to crow about. 


Hail to the Chiefs, dynasty.

The Kansas City Chiefs have cemented themselves as the next dynasty in the NFL, defeating the San Francisco 49ers25-22, in overtime of Super Bowl 58 for back-to-back championships and their third title in five seasons.

It’s the first time since the New England Patriots during the 2003-04 seasons that an NFL team has won back-to-back Super Bowls, and it’s the ninth time in history it’s been achieved.

“This is awesome. This is legendary,” game MVP Patrick Mahomes said after the win.

And if anyone needed any confirmation this is the start of a dynasty, look no further than Mahomes himself.

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“It’s the start of one. We aren’t done,” the now three-time Super Bowl champion quarterback said.

Kansas City was able to send the game into overtime in the final seconds of regulation thanks to a Harrison Butker field goal. The 49ers got the ball to start the extra period and got a field goal, but with the new overtime rules, the Chiefs were allowed to get the ball. Then, Mahomes engineered the drive of the season, capped off by a three-yard touchdown pass from Mahomes to Mecole Hardman to win it all.

Meanwhile, it’s déjà vu for the 49ers, once again blowing a 10-point lead against Kansas City in the title game after doing it in Super Bowl 54. — Jordan Mendoza

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Most likeable Super Bowl ever. Chiefs, Usher almost make you forget about hating NFL

Super Bowl 58 really started with Usher. His show took us back in time to old school rhythm and blues, in what was the most gorgeous, stunning Super Bowl halftime show ever. Usher pulled off a neat trick: sensuality and likeability wrapped into a neat, bombastic bow.

Then came the game, and it really started with the second half. And we saw what makes Kansas City so good: stubbornness and Patrick Mahomes.

But after Kansas City won, we saw from that team what we always do: a bunch of likeable people.

Between Usher, who put on a stunning and likeable show, and Kansas City, who in the end put on an equally stunning and likeable show, this was the most likeable Super Bowl of all time.

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