I’m about to relax after a Long week, Love to my “Bocas Brigade” Here’s where we are: SUNDAY


In retrospect I can’t truly fathom the work I have put into this criminal enterprise. I am in luck to have a biographer who has kept perfect accounting of my postings. Why they saved everything I have said about JOE HALEY- STEVEN BOLTON- DANIEL CRANNEY, RICARODO SERVERINO,MIRANDA BUSSING, LORA HASSEN, MARIO JONAH, CECILIO MILLER, ERIC deLEON, all the way back to WRIGHT THURSTON, is beyond me,,,,,but thank you.  Boy it has been a while.   I don’t want to break my shoulder patting myself on the back, but what the fuck do I need to do to give you people the tools to fight this egregious crime been inflicted on you?  Honestly Friends?  Have I not done enough to prove I’m on your side?     My God- I called him a “c———” today over the internet!!!!!!  I’m behind no other blog affiliated with these people. The (2) Other RFB sites……not mine.  So there are people out there!!!   Organize.          I’VE ACCEPTED NOTHING FROM RED FROG!!!!! For seven years!! I’ve been offered money to take shit down off my site. NOTHING- Not a  DIME!!!!!!!!!  I can prove it in e-mails.  I’m your biggest fighter, and I feel left astray.  You are all good people, that have been divided by lies and self motivated mistruths, to either knowingly or unknowingly to be part of a PONZI SCHEME!!!!!!!   Period.  Like it or not your part of a PONZI.

So allow me to play a little “Carnac” from The Old “Johnny Carson” show. That’s my age demo.

CARNAC-   “What will happen with the project?

The project will undoubtedly go “bankrupt”, with JOE HALEY CEO, claiming that all bad is attributed to the “adverse owners”.With the claim they can’t pay their mortgage along with any other associated creditors.

CARNAC-  “Why can’t RED FROG BEACH/OGI service the loan to the debt?

Very simple- PONZI. An easily prosecutable and evident PONZI. They created “The Cliffs” and “Blue Pearl” to raise money to service the debt in RFB and OGI- HENCE – (PONZI) clear as day.  This goes back to the beginning, when the couldn’t deliver on the unit sales to pay for the proper development of the infrasructure while still pay salaries from the incoming monies from sales. The TRUTH is they have been under capitalized since DAY ONE.

CARNAC- “What does that mean in the world of development? 

Without dampening it down, it means the kiss of death. Funding and more than that, “constant”  funding on the product you are offering is the life blood of any actual project. You gotta anticpate your burn. Good developers do so. They just don’t go willy nilly  with crystal waters, sun soaked beaches, and dreams of paradise, Shit, Penelope can do that on her IPad.  Now add in the fact that this group is not an experienced development group, and that they have  that has been less than truthful from the start, it’s just a matter of time. Nobody in the inner sanctum of RFB and OGI have a pedigree of development. Merely look around Bocas del Toro and see the groups that do. They are thriving. They claimed they had land that was theirs that was in dispute and eventually lost. They went broke. They had a “labor strike”, where the solution was (08/09) support our plan or we go broke and lose everything. 

CARNAC- “How have they managed to slip away for so long?”

That is when than man in the “shadows”, STEVEN BOLTON among some others were able to cough up some serious liquidity on the assurance of JOE would get things off to a fresh start. SNAKE EYES- nothing changed for the better. They got into the same quaqmire of salaries, infrastructure, maintenance.  Sales came in from “The Cliffs” and “Blue Pearl”, (hence PONZI)- “Question- how many investors of “The Cliffs and Blue Pearl” would have closed if you as a buyer knew before hand your monies were not going directly to the construction of your unit??????????” They had a bank loan that came in, but those monies, were used to pay back bad loans, loans taken from investors, and the roller coaster ride continues.  A real development group- has a prospectus- anticipates costs down to the penny- takes outside interactions that may happen and develops contingencies, has money and liquidity in hand, and does not hope for the best as they proceed. BANYANTREE, HILTON. MARRIOTT, 4SEASONS, …this is what they do, And the reason they are BILLION dollar corporations. That is not to say you have to be a behemoth to be successful. There are thousands of professionally run independent eco-resorts and bed/breakfasts all over the planet. The big guys’ can’t own them all. It’s just they are comprised of well organized and smart people with the pedigree and background of of doing it correctly. This group has NEVER developed ANYTHING and NEVER had any of the right people in control. And to make the matters even worse,,,,,,they LIED WHEN THE TRUTH WOULD DO. And finally in mine and only my opinion…..BRIBES after BRIBES after BRIBES.  Such is Panama. And when you bring up the bribes to each new administration, they just cannibalize each other. 

CARNAC- “What has it been since then?’

My friends, since then it has been the roller coaster ride mentioned. It’s has been excuses, lies, smoke and mirrors, false promises, untrue collaborations, lies of new funding apparatus, sources of new partnerships, BITCOIN, all the while syphoning maintenance monies, from buyers BOTH old and new. Making sales, but being so incompetent and and underfunded they could not pay sales directors commissions. (ridiculous commissions by the way) .Using sales deposits for payrolls, or to fight off screaming clients, trying to steal land, repair broken infrastructure. One problem after another— the machine that is RED FROG BEACH and OGI is BROKEN.  Think differently at your own peril. As CARNAC said,,,it’s been broken since the beginning.  Your money was gone from the moment the ink left the pen as far as “The Cliffs” and “Blue Pearl” are concerned.  


CARNAC-  “So What Now?”

You got a leadership that isn’t competent, and has nothing in the 20 year history of this project that shows that is it, The ONE company that came into to run it, BOLTED. They were told promises that didn’t occur, and lies that never came to fruition. They said SEE YA. 




My friends, this entire PROJECT from DAY ONE, has not been serviced to build the lovely retreat you see on the website. ( Which is the ONLY thing they did right, It’s been a BAIT and SWITCH, That is why so may people got offered land in lieu of money when shit went dry. Anything to keep the PONZI alive. Bring in more sales money through the “facade of progress”  and then just leverage idea of the “resorts” plan . Using a GORGEOUS beach to do so.

But like ALL “PONZIS” ,,,,when you can’t deliver enough, or when what your promised is not there, the music stops!!!! And that people is what is happening NOW!!!! Listen to me, or listen to some schmuck in a Tom Ford suit at $600 an hour to tell you.  SEVEN YEARS, doubt me?, question me?, don’t trust me?………but I’M RIGHT.  And I don’t own on speck of dirt on that island. BUT………..I’m RIGHT!!!  

CARNAC-  “Your best advice?”

You know you never underestimate your enemy. JOE did that to me with that C&D 7 years ago. Underestimating your enemy goes all the way back to “Sun Tzu”. I’m a grandfather, I worked a good life in Chicago. Did my thing. But my father was a bookie of the south side, and my grandfather ran booze in the Appalachians. My mother used to call me a “street genius”, cause I made the honor roll in school and still could run a game of three card monty.

The guy running the show with your money is no “street genius“. He’s a white laced mid-westerner who probably has never been hit in the face in his life. There is something visceral from being smacked in the face when you do someone wrong. It transports you back to a time when you needed to be reminded between right and wrong. For more direct terms, he’s a “a wimp and a liar” and it’s obvious he never learned this this lesson. Which makes his bully attitude so hard to understand. He bullies poor employees, retirees, plays God with utilities, surrounds himself with criminals, and the biggest bully he takes advantage of BOLTON. 

I grew up Catholic, but not particularly religious. I simply believe in what I see. I saw it in the military. I see GOOD and I see BAD, that’s it. Everything else is just a way of grouping people.  JOE HALEY is BAD TO THE CORE.

Whereas where I grew up you lived on your wits, this guy is all show. And as is the case with all hollow sociopathic and narcistic liars, and charlatans, he is looking for others to blame for his failures. NOBODY HE KNOWS can come into this place because quite simply there is too much DEBT he’s established. TOO many UNITS sold that can’t be delivered, division of participants too strong, Infrastructure that needs to be re-DONE, not re-PAIRED, too many open lawsuits that will run their course in which OGI and JOE will not be able to pay those claims. Simply said ZERO TRUST AT ALL. 

Bankruptcy and subsequent auction. IT IS THE ONLY WAY OUT TO GO ONWARDS AND UPWARDS.  I’m heartbroken and sorry for many of you that will see dreams wiped away,,,,at first. The homes they bought will never be built, and with the bankruptcy protection there is no recourse. The condos sold and never delivered upon will be total losses. 

The homes and homeowners that have been built and are legal lot owners, those people will come out OK in the end with the smoke settles. Some developer through bankruptcy will indeed make something there one day. The land merits it. The detritus and scar tissue will be removed and something positive will come.

The mess JOE made is actually quite simple, He was a dipshit whose reach exceeded his grasp. Success is in the numbers, surrounding yourself with smart people, ( not just a line of credit with SUBWAY stores). Property resorts and management is a complex workspace. Even the best have their struggles. And that is with seasoned professionals in their own countries. What pixie dust JOE distributed that made smart, and accomplished, and successful people think a greenhorn from Minnesota, with no developmental background to speak, could pull this off in a foreign county, rife with a certain way of doing things is “oddly” impressive. You see it on “American Greed” and “Netflix Specials” all the time. Don’t feel chastened. Madoff swindled some of the smartest and most innovative investors and banks in the world. But this guy had ZERO development history, let alone in a foreign country. And going it alone as a gringo with no local partners was also a huge error in judgment. A leadership team with more experience making a Ham and Turkey than a sand castle. A team that knew more about Windmills and Amsterdam’s Red Light District and chugging Heinekens. At the end it is a sad joke with no real punchline. The LEADER is a LIAR and a criminal in my opinion who was never competent to deliver upon what he was selling. The numbers simply do not lie. This project NEVER penciled out, and was rushed into liberally with other peoples money. Real lenders never got involved. Real lenders look at pro formas and balance sheets. A real lender could have forecasted these debts could not be serviced.

CARNAC- “So what do you predict?”

Right now I see a lot of insincere apologies as if this could not be avoided. Followed by a ton of finger pointing towards the “adverse owners’ that did not blindly comply. When the dust settles, stick with what you know. BOLTON stick with subs. JOE get a job selling cars cause you have shown to be proficient at sales. Sell something already built and not your responsibility. ” I gotta tell ya if your taking the family on a cross country trip, the metallic pea is the car your looking for. You think you hate it know, what til you drive it!” MIRANDA get behind a desk at some company and be a admin for some company.  Last I was told they hired a GM locally born and raised in Isla Colon with a Panamanian HS education and NO experience in the field. The past week has been a blue. I’ve spoken with new people, ex-sales managers, directors, that have provided opinion he s not even qualified to serve one meal a day. 

S0,,,,look in the mirror. Look at the people involved as they are a reflection of where you are now. And a preview into your future. Broken dreams, multiple crimes, unfulfilled promises, and an overwhelming time to stop the bleeding. Good luck to everyone who has invested or purchased. And to the website runners that are finally getting organized. I truly pray you get what you deserve,

CARNAC- “Anything you regret?”

OMG, a resounding, top of the mountaintops, YES!! I got roped into this due to my ego for 7 years. In that respect, JOE won. I regret he is still in business today, selling units never to be built, to good trusting people. I regret he treats his homeowners like dogs, I regret he divides people to the point where nothing is accomplished. I regret his self survival at all costs. I regret the TWO FAKE “Jays” he contacted me as to sully the reputation of Tres Cruces. I regret the e-mails to my wife. I regret the thousands of free legal I asked of my son on law for his opinion. Two years ago. I regret sending reams and reams of emails to the best person that can help those in need, and receive a tepid response at best. In 2011, we went to RED FROG. I thought it was too rustic, but the fact of the matter it was out of our price range. That tells me MOST of you are probably worth more than my wife and I. To afford one of those villas was not cheap.  And here we are scrambling to make the people responsible pay for their transgressions.  They have committed FEDERAL CRIMINAL CRIMES. They should be tried for PRISON. And if successfully done, victims can receive help and restitution through the IRS.  All that being said, “people” seem to know better. So they will talk with their own attorneys, (at a rate that is high) pay far more than what we proposed. We lined up your path to making him answer some very tough questions under oath. The task is time consuming given the plaintiffs and contracts to go through, A year to 18 months for every charge to be noted per plaintiff. And all I’ll heard is what he would make.  Do lawyers make more?  Do lawyers work on more than one case at a time?  Without getting into personal matters, the man does NOT NEED the task. He is a consultant that is semi-retired that agreed on the prodding of myself and my son in law. And that was because we were told “I’m in” – “I’m in” or “I can get at least 10 included”. But at the end of the day, (7) questionnaires were returned, I know you all generally like me, and I don’t take anything personal, but that made us BOTH (Steven and I) look foolish. YOU CAN STILL MAKE THESE PEOPLE PAY!!!!  But no matter what I have done I have not been able to convey the solidarity you have at your disposal. 

In the end all will do what they deem right. Talk to the attorneys, file long frivelous suits, all not to get paid as they will file for bankruptcy. Probably have it knocked down to a CIVIL violation as a mis-interpretation of contract, and all CRIMINAL activities washed away and they get away with it. And when all is said and done it won’t be more than a big file of papers.   If the same due diligence was done when determining whether to fight, was done when determining whether to invest, you would not be in this position right now.  I regret people are penny wise and dollar foolish, and my biggest regret is he gets away with it. 7 years friends. It’s a long time to attach to something you have no play in.    PNO out.       

Watching football friends, Saludos

Email, call, anytime, I consider you friends,




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