FORBES forum to showcase the powerful women of Panama.

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In a press release shared by Forbes to this newspaper, it is reported on the launch of the “Forbes Powerful Women Forum in Panama”, which will take place this Wednesday, October 18 at the Panama Convention Center, starting at 2:00 p.m 

The event seeks to provide visibility to professional women in the country and its main objective is focused on offering a space for the female population to share their success stories and how they have managed to break down the barriers and stereotypes that society has imposed on them for years.

Some of the protagonists of this event will be Denisse Guillén, Minister of Tourism of Panama, who will address the topic “Women as a driver of socioeconomic development and their role in the tourism sector”, an intervention that will be followed by the panel “A new vision in the conception of participatory and inclusive leadership”, by Aimée Sentmat, executive president of Banistmo Panama (100 Powerful Women Forbes 2023). 

Sandra Miró, DHL country manager (Forbes 100 Powerful Women 2023) will also participate; Paula Villaseñor, Director of Corporate Communication at P&G Latin America, and Lorena Henríquez Méndez, Manager of Corporate Affairs at Coca Cola.

In addition, Analida Galindo, founder of the Espacio Creativo Foundation (100 Powerful Women Forbes 2023), Diana Monster, gammer , influencer with more than 1 million followers on TikTok and content creator, and Jochebec Arjona, businesswoman and fashion designer, join , entrepreneurs who will share in the panel “A disruptive mind: they are promoters of change.”

On the other hand, Erika Ender, artist, composer, winner of the Latin Grammy Billboard Award and creator of the philanthropic initiative TalenPro (Talent with a Purpose) is also on the list of exhibitors. Ender will present “Building a new scheme of creative thinking through music.” In the banking area, Lucia Meza, representative of CAF (Development Bank of Latin America and the Caribbean), will speak about the “Protagonists of sustainable development.”

Eladio González, Editorial Director for Central America and the Dominican Republic at Forbes , indicated that “despite the fact that in spaces like the Forbes Powerful Women of Central America Forum we expose the advantages of greater inclusion and equity in companies in Latin America, only 7% of management positions are occupied by women.”

He added that “this is a figure that is joined by reports from the United Nations, which show that women constitute 43% of the workforce in the world, a representation that decreases as the hierarchical level increases. It is a pending task for our countries and we will continue to contribute from our platforms so that there is greater balance in that balance.”

While Yandira Nuñez, Deputy Editorial Director for Central America at Forbes , commented that “the leading dynamism of a country like Panama opens the doors to a vast and globalized world with development opportunities in which the role of the women, in all spaces and terrains, which is why deploying our efforts in a country as strategic as Panama is one of the great commitments of this brand.”

He added that “as the leading communication brand on business issues worldwide, we strongly support the purpose of joining efforts to analyze and address issues of gender equity, sustainable development and equality, in a context that increasingly needs to promote “a constructive dialogue that brings together all actors, civil society, private companies and the public sector, as the necessary muscle that will drive this challenging and competitive society and economy,”

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