Facts reveal. Varela shows CLEAR BIAS AGAINST JEWS IN PANAMA! Anti-Semite?? You decide.


by James “JB” Bryson

If some recall, I had family here during the Memorial Day weekend, and spent a great deal of time in conversation with my daughter in law. My eldest son is in a mixed religion marriage, as he was raised in the Christian faith, and he married a lovely Jewish woman. They have elected to raise our grandchildren in the Jewish faith.

If you are a frequent visitor of PNO.com, you will detect quite easily I am not a fan at all of the Varela administration. I make that point quite clear. But after hearing the claims of my daughter in law, I spent the better part of the past two weeks delving into what she described as a very evident bias against the Jewish population in Panama. After performing my own due diligence, I concur.

To quote Donald Trump “You know it, I know it and everybody knows It!”
President Varela is 100% Anti Martinelli but what may be much more troubling than that is he also may be an Anti-Semite?!?!

Here are some undeniable facts about his relentless political persecution that may shed some light on that argument.  Normally, I  wouldn’t want to   accuse anyone of such a heinous label you know the old saying “If the shoe fits.”  I was contacted several months ago by a member of the local Jewish   community and was asked to look into this situation and honestly I paid it no attention.  But over the following weeks, and at the urging of my   daughter in law, I began to see more headlines and was talking to others about.
This persecution which led me to really start digging into this issue.
I’ve spent dozens of hours reading, searching and inquiring and this is what I found.  Take a look for yourself and come to your own

I’ve made no secrets about my feelings nor will I ever regarding any and all of the present, past or future administrations if you’ve
followed and read any of my stories.  But if not I’ll make it short and sweet where I stand.  I stand with the people of Panama and with
upholding the law of the land.  I’m not Pro Martinelli in any way shape or form.  But I can’t deny that under his rule the economy was
clicking on all cylinders, unemployment was almost non existent the people on the street were happy and doing well and there was a sense of Pride in Panama that’s not there today.

Truthfully I’m NOT a PRD supporter either (although as I’ve written before) I believe they are
on the way back and in a big way. I’m also NOT anti Panamenista at all!  I’m merely ANTI Varela!!  Why, because IMHO he’s done nothing of any substance to help the people of Panama.  His thirst for REVENGE or payback or whatever you want to call has clearly been at the forefront of his
administration. This hubris to get even at all costs,  above all else , does NOTHING to help the people of Panama, it’s National pride and more important basic services and programs that are so necessary.  It’s undeniable that things here have gone backwards over he last 4 years.  Now that’s not the premise  of  this article though.  The premise is quite frankly a very real and very scary one.

Is President Juan Carlos Varela an Anti-Semite???

Anti-Semite by definition is the following:

Definition of anti-Semitic

relating to or characterized by anti-Semitism feeling or showing hostility toward or discrimination against Jews as a cultural, racial, or ethnic group 

  • anti-Semiticstatements/rhetoric
  • … his critics charge he is anti-Semitic and anti-black, allegations that he denies.
  •  —James M. Perry

Anti-Semitic behaviors like other prejudices will never be eradicated here on Earth as long as there are people.  But to think that the
leader of Country in this day and age would practice and target a race or group and go to the ends that we’ve seen here in Panama is certainly more than enough to be posing the question.

For those of you NOT from Panama or with little knowledge of the Panamanian Jewish Community here you should know that the Jewish
Community is very strong and a very tight knit group.  Like most Jewish that I’ve ever been around they take care of each other but you
don’t get the feeling that they are against anyone or any other religious group. Panama has never had a Jewish President in the history of the Republic (I don’t think they have ever had a candidate either).  Perhaps if I’m wrong someone will correct me.  In general they seem to be as a group very A-Political.   Meaning they aren’t PRD, CD or Panamenista’s.   I think they support each of the parties depending on who they believe will be in the best interest of the country.

So why is this topic even being discussed well it’s simple….

Check out the list of the below Jewish business men and civic leaders.
All of whom have been persecuted by Varela and NONE were found guilty of anything whatsoever.  It’s also important to point out that each
of these people to a man are damn near icons here in Panama and pillars of the community.  The Panamanian Community first and the Jewish Community second.

Drum roll…….

1.Aharon Mizrachi – Financial Pacific.  This is Ricardo Martinellis Brother in Law (If he was the only Jewish person or one of two or even
three we wouldn’t be having this conversation).  What did he do???

The Varela Regime Persecuted him for having an investment account in Financial Pacific, they charged him with purchases of Facebook Shares,
Inmet Mining shares and Petaquilla Shares with privileged information.
What we would call back home in the US of A Insider Trading Gordon Gecko type stuff.  The sad thing is none of those companies are
regulated in the Panama Stock Exchanged so what’s that mean no authority and certainly no jurisdiction.  Over the last 4 years all
the cases have expired and a judge ruled the DA showed No Proof of any of the charges as a result all of the cases were dismissed.  Varela
instructed his prosecutor to issue and arrest warrant against him and even filed warrants with Interpol as if he was a dangerous criminal.

2. Mayer Mizrachi – Criptex.   This is the young  Entrepreneur son of Aharon Mizrachi who was living in the Big Apple NYC working with his
team from Criptex about to take his privacy email software company public when without any warning or knowledge the Government of           Panama through the Public Ministry put him on an interpol list to apprehend him claiming he sold a software to the police force during Martinelli’s
time and that the software did not work.  He was traveling to Cartagena for a New Years Eve Party not realizing what was going on and got arrested by the Colombian Authorities were he spend almost 8 months in La Picota Bogota’s most Notoriously dangerous Prison and then deported to Panama.   He had to face the bogus charges and 18 months later authorities said that his software was delivered and did serve its purpose and that no crime had been committed.

This poor kid’s life I can only imagine will NEVER be the same after that experience of being unlawfully imprisoned in Colombia.

3. Gabriel Btesh – This is one of Panama’s most well known  and respected real estate developers.  Because he is allegedly one of the
partners in the only opposition newspaper in Panama (Panama America) he has been ferociously persecuted by Varela’s Regime and the Public
Ministry has used its tabloid like newspaper of preference La Prensa as their main tool to portray Mr. Btesh as some sort of criminal because one of      his companies  had won a bid to manage some parking lots at Tocumen.  The same contract that was later taken away as soon
as Varela got into power (and given to a Company Close to the Current Government, Very Banana Republic move ! He has also been accused by
Varela government of irregularities in an investment account in Financial Pacific and after more than 3 years of investigation and
nothing has come of it besides La Prensa blasting the accusations with nothing to backed them up.   Are you starting to see a pattern

4. Henry Mizrachi – One of the Directors of the Panama Canal.  According to my online research; Mr. Mizrachi comes from a well respected family
in Panama’s business sector, US educated, has been a key investor in both commercial and residential projects and the common denominator to
some of the other persecuted Jews in Panama, he is one of the shareholders of EPASA  the company with owns both La Critica and the
Panama America both opposition newspapers and currently rivals of the current administrations weapon of mass destruction La Prensa.  I have
to say many years back if La Prensa printed something we in the “Gringo Community” viewed it as the truth and a reliable source for
the truth the same way would credit something in the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal.  Clearly that’s not the case here in Panama.
Today in the US and around the world “FAKE NEWS” has become the norm.
Guess what readers of PNO.com “FAKE NEWS” was invented here in

Below is a list of other other members of the Jewish Community in Panama who either are being or have been persecuted by the Judicial
System under Varela.   Many people that I have spoken with or interviewed feel the main purpose of all this is to try and intimidate
the entire Jewish Community so that they don’t support any member of the opposition or do business in any way with opposition owned or run
companies.  I for one feel that with only 11 months left before the next elections you can expect these type of attacks and persecution
from Varela’s Government  and there media apparatus El Diario, LaPrensa to intensify.   I think that when all of the dust settles like with all of these gentlemen nobody will be found guilty but these men and the Jewish Community will be certainly left with a giant hole
created by Juan Carlos Varela and his administration.   I mean c’mon!?!? nobody can be right or wrong all the time.  All of these cases and
accusations mentioned above and not one conviction what does that tell you?!

Other persecuted Jewish business men and community leaders…..

Salomon Btesh

Marco Angel

Leo Cohen

Mike Btesh

Danny Cohen

Moises Levy

Harry Nessim

Salomon Hanono

Teofilo Gateno  CSS

Is it a big coincidence??  Is it sending a message for not enough support in the past?? Or is it plain and simple profiling??   What’s
the reason??  Is it one of the above or is it just the case of hatred and religious persecution by Varela??

Whatever it is it’s time that someone shines a light on these actions and the results.   Will these men receive “reparations” for the prices
they and their families have paid and continue to pay?   Let’s hope so.  I’m a believer that Karma is a bitch, that what goes around
comes around and that no good deed goes unpunished.  I’m hopeful that by writing this piece it will stimulate the attention that this topic
deserves and that it is given the proper attention it deserves!

Hasta la proxima.


Wow JB didn’t see this article coming at all. Who will he target next the Colombian working girls here? In all seriousness. If your correct and none of those fellas were ever found guilty then what a crime and violation of this groups human rights and reputation!

This article is garbage, and all I see is a snob who I’m sure is taking advantage of the less fortunate here in Panama and since it can be done you want to throw around the antisemitic word…the word people like you like to throw around when you don’t get want you want…I could care two cents about Varela but I am pretty certain you are no different than him.

How are none of the other news sources not covering this? Especially the ones you mention are owned by some of these guys in the Jewish community. Reminded me of an old close friend who is Jewish back home that I haven’t spoken to in over a year. Going to give him a call just to catch up. Thanks for the reminder.

SO – how many non-Jews have been arrested/detained with NONE ever being found guilty of anything? If you cannot name any, don’t label this as “garbage.” If you can, please do and demonstrate the falsity of the article.

His BLATANT obsession from trying to distance himself from Martinelli, reeks of duplicity. For years he was his sycophant!
Don’t trust him at all.

Su obsesión por BLATANT de tratar de distanciarse de Martinelli, huele a duplicidad. ¡Durante años fue su simulador!
No confíes en él en absoluto.

Don’t deny these people might have been targets of investigations or even jailed for their activity during the martinelli regime, but has there been ONLY Jewish persons been the objects of these investigations?
You know the answer to that!
Panama is such a small country and it’s usually the rich who find themselves in a position so close to the power of the presidency to take advantage of it for profit and THAT is where the problem is.
I’m no fan of Varela either but I really don’t see this as anti-Semite conduct.
List all the other people investigated during this admin and give the percentage of Jews so you can say that they are profiled by religion.

Without question, the list of Panamanians singled out would dwarf that of a relatively small Jewish population.
But this article focused on a pattern exhibited against a specific group, and within that small group. the numbers are exceedingly high.


I believe this is very accurate, but this is just a “sample” of Varela’s targets… I believe that it’s more focused on atracking his political and business adversaries than the Jewish Community. If JB keeps pulling on this thread im sure he’ll find how the Panamanian Atourney General’s office and the Supreme Court are being run by the executive branch of this government. This article displays great examples, but i am sure that just by “zooming out” a little, you can see this same trens across a lot of government related cases.

BS. The Motta family, jewish as well, control the government. Everybody knows it. No way Varela is an anti semite. Sounds like a jewish power play to me

Thanks for bringing attention to this topic, but I think although some jewish people have been targeted, many others of different backgrounds have also been persecuted…All the people you mentioned had some ties to Martinelli, which would explain Varela’s obsession with them…
Can’t wait for JV’s reign to end…
And concerning Jewish presidents in Panama, we’ve had 2, Max Delvalle and Eric Arturo Delvalle…

Best Regards,

Glad you mentioned the Mottas. It’s a well known connection and influence in the Varela regime. There is another case that bears a striking similarity with the ones you illustated, the Waked family which people claim where/are business rivals of the Motta clan. They faced accusations and appeared on the infamous “Clinton List”. Even the U.S.A. Ambassador got into the act. BTW, they belong to the Atlantic side Muslim community.

Your research is dubious! Panamá is the only country outside of Israel that has had TWO Jewish presidents. Do a little research before misinforming people.


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MI AMBIENTE sucks generally, but they are RIGHT on this point.

The equivalent of the “EPA” in PANAMA is “Mi AMBIENTE”. Who in my opinion are a “rudderless” agency that is generally “LOST at SEA” in terms of what is BEST for PANAMA environmentally. That being said, the attempts to “domesticate” and make PETS of wildlife is wrong on many levels, …

US policy on Haitian immigrants carries the waft of racism given the current situation.

OP ED: by “JB”- Before all the REDS freak out, let me clarify. I am NOT in favor of recklessly open borders with anyone being able to enter the US unchecked or undocumented. In the same way I am NOT in favor of it here, and mention DARIEN probably more …

PANAMA requires “REAL” western developers to take advantage of regional positivity.

OP ED: James “JB” Bryson- I certainly have much to critique about the way things are done in my adopted home here. I still feel that despite the “boon” we see in Panama City, there lies a 3rd world underbelly we can’t seem to shake. With every “Four Seasons” or …