Assembly preparing 20 questions for outgoing Humbert. They hate the guy that calls out their SHIT.


The second vice president of the National Assembly , the deputy of Molirena Tito Rodríguez , reported this Thursday, August 8, that they prepare a questionnaire of about 20 questions for the comptroller of the Republic, Federico Humbert .

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    Assembly again prevents the entry of auditors from the Comptroller
    He indicated that “we do not rule out the possibility” of inviting him to the plenary in the coming weeks to answer that questionnaire. “We are worried about what is happening right there in the Comptroller’s Office,” he said.

He argued that in recent years, the “attacks” have been directed to the Assembly. “We will be inviting you to come and the Panamanian people to know the reality of the Comptroller’s Office,” he added.

The Assembly opened the application period for the position of comptroller this week, due to Humbert’s term expiring next December.

Comptroller Humbert ordered several months ago an audit of the forms that the deputies handled, and the results showed several irregularities.

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