With World watching, Panama steps up security in anticipation of WYD.

World Youth Day (WYD)

The Executive Directorate of Support for the Local Organizing Committee for the World Youth Day (WYD), led by the Deputy Minister of Security, Omar Pinzón, highlighted on Monday that the State’s security forces have strengthened their capacities to guarantee the well-being of citizens. , pilgrims, visitors, Pope Francis and the Heads of State and special guests who will be in Panamanian territory during the religious meeting.

The deputy minister explained that after the President of the Republic, Juan Carlos Varela, created this Directorate, Panamanian professionals of the Security Stations: National Police, Institutional Protection Service, National Border Service, National Aeronaval Service, Security Council, The National Immigration Service, the National Customs Authority and the Ministry of Security undertook to study, analyze and prepare a security plan that would guarantee peace of mind for the citizens, pilgrims, visitors, Pope Francis and the Heads of State and special guests.

He explained that during the WYD more than 30 thousand units will maintain the strength of
national level with the objective of implementing some 57 action plans that
contemplate aspects such as: Intelligence, Protection, Telecommunications,
Facilities, Routes, Mobility and Crisis Management.

“You can be sure that we have considered all the necessary aspects for
guarantee fast actions in aspects of Security at a national level both in the
events that take place within the Pre-Day and other mass events “,
assured Pinzón.

He announced that starting on January 21, the C5 will begin to operate, which consists of a
center of control, command, communication, computation, and quality that seeks to protect
to the citizens.

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