TINY HOUSES making the most with little in Panama.


Tiny Houses: living in 35m2 with all the comforts is possible
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Tiny Houses: living in 35m2 with all the comforts is possible
Can you imagine living in 35m2 with all the comforts? I am referring to the Tiny Houses, these small constructions that just seeing them causes you to have one, even if you do not go to live in them.

It seems that they are fashionable, but if we analyze their cost and environmental impact, perhaps we are beginning to live in the future. Its literal translation into Spanish is: tiny houses, but make no mistake, the fact that they are small does not mean that they are not functional.

At Metro por Metro we met Espacio Lar , a design and construction company specializing in this type of housing in which creativity and innovation are its main work allies. The team is made up of architecture, engineering and interior design professionals from different countries with the premise of reducing environmental impact while meeting the expectations of their clients.

What are the Tiny Houses like?
Espacio Lar’s Tiny Houses are modular houses that are built avoiding the use of blocks and cement, basically they are assembled by joining all the pieces that arrive prefabricated. Through the incorporation of dry materials, certified wood, glass, fiber, among others, they achieve fast deliveries with high quality standards.

Its construction is done minimizing earth movement and water consumption, managing to reduce soil contamination and integrating nature into the design as much as possible. They adapt to the slopes or trees, have thermal and acoustic insulation, and if requested, they can also have solar panels.

A house for life, an inheritance that they will thank you for
Although it is true that there is a tendency to transform containers into living spaces, these specialists chose to use another construction model that offers a 10-year guarantee and a durability of more than 150. What more can you ask for?

Tiny Houses exist in Panama
They not only exist, you can have yours or stay in one during your vacation. You currently get them in Los Santos, but they are building in Altos de María, Chiriquí and Isla Contadora.

They are an excellent option both for those looking for a new, more ecological and minimalist lifestyle, and for those who want to invest.

What does it take to have one?
The loans are the same that you might need to buy a piece of land or a house. The construction and habitability permits are processed by the company, therefore it is not up to you to obtain them.

Regarding the model of the house, Estudio Lar has predetermined designs from which you can choose or they are in charge of reading your mind and capturing what you want.

How much do the Tiny Houses cost?
It will always depend on where you buy the land and its quality, but building a Tiny House starts at $75,000 and you can receive it ready to move in in 4 months once construction begins.

It is definitely a viable option for those who own vacant land or have the purchasing power to make an investment with long-term passive income in mind.

From our side, it only remains to say that we were very interested in tiny houses and in the multiple possibilities it offers.

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