Time to take advantage of early positive outlook on Tourism for 2024

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Editorial La Estrella de Panamá

  • 01/06/2024 00:00


PANAMA is perceived in better eyes in the world and we must take advantage of that. A couple of days ago, CNN Travel included the isthmus as one of the 24 destinations to visit in 2024. The media praises its tropical forests and its cultural heritage. This must be seen as good news; However, it requires a deep reflection of everything that has not been done for the country to become a tourist reference. It is more than clear that the so-called smokestack industry is one of the key lines of the economy, whose chain employs a large workforce at all levels. In addition, many experts are betting on this sector to replace what the mining operation could have meant economically. But you really have to join forces to obtain the best results. We are a geographically privileged country and in addition to being a land of transit, we must devise private and public plans so that every passenger who sets foot in Tocumen or disembarks on any of our coasts wants to stay a few days in Panama. Why can’t we take advantage of our beautiful Pearl Islands—many of which are witnesses of drug trafficking—to turn them into another Santorini or Mykonos and thus attract travelers. Why Panamanian customer service is always questioned and compared to Colombian or Dominican customer service. If there is no investment in training and all sectors are not involved to consolidate a national strategy—that transcends the management of the current five-year period—there will be no development. If we do not get rid of selfishness, oligopolies and corruption, there will be no progress. We must think less about the city and promote works and projects, exterminating bad practices—which generate distrust—in the interior. If you want this sector to rise, the opportunity is now.

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