Suntracs strike expected to go into late May


They go 14 days of the unemployment and still, Capac and the workers, they do not reach an agreement


The strike that has paralyzed 95% of the construction works in the country, could extend beyond May 15.

This is because yesterday the Secretary General of the Single Union of Construction Workers and Similar (Suntracs), Saúl Méndez, reported that the next assembly will be on Tuesday, May 15, to assess how the strike and negotiations have developed.

“The only way to lift the strike is to reach an agreement, if the businessmen continue with their stubborn decision the measure continues,” he said.

While this is happening, the leaders of the Suntracs and the representatives of the Panamanian Chamber of Construction (Capac), do not reach an understanding to sign the new collective agreement 2018 -2021.

A nte the little advance, the Minister of Work and Labor Development, Luis Ernesto Carles, said that the only ones who can stop this conflict are the Capac and Suntracs, but their proposals are still distant.


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