PNO OPINION: So what is REALLY happening in PANAMA, and when will it change???


It is hard for anyone Ex-Pat or National to deny that there is SIGNIFICANT tectoinic shifts in the running of PANAMA that goes back to the failed Varela years. 

The Wall Street Journal recently ran an article touching on this subject. few mes-venazuela-russia-china-iran-drones-special-operation-military-exercise-11658680168

Since the full turnover of the Canal from the US to the Republic of Panama, it has created a power and wealth vacuum that has proven imposible for ANY administration to avoid it’s pitfalls.  I have opined often, of the self-righteous and cannibalisitic nature of incoming administrations to continue to promise CHANGE while still feeding from the trough.

That being said, how many people living here have enjoyed the past few weeks??  Redundant of course, but what is more disturbing is that fact that it is in PANAMA!!  I personally feel that PANAMA, in spite of it’s shortcomings, has been a lighthouse in the storm that is UNSTABLE LATIN AMERICA. Offering the most “Western” of experiences in the region. With our competition being run by DICTATORS, OLIGARCHS, and LIARS, I am tempering that opinion in kind.

Cortizo and Carrizo are literally in OVER THEIR HEADS.  Cortizo almost seems “Reagan-like” in his oblivious nature in what so far has been a legacy of false promises. And Carrizo?????????,,,,,,,,,,,,,,well his self interest is so transparent it is hard to be even the least bit moderate about him.  

I am starting ALREADY at PNO, the full fledged support behind the only person I have WITNESSED to embrace the PEOPLE of PANAMA, by who in which are those suffering as I type.

JB, tough times indeed, sorely exacerbated by the callousness of the elite and powerful magnates that relish in their financial wellsprings!

However, these past few weeks have been a good start by the Panamanian people to get equality and justice; I am rooting for their success and hopeful that Martinelli is inspired by it to be the savior of this beautiful country once again.

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