PANAMA to host leading TOURISM SUMMIT in 2024.


The most important global adventure tourism association, ATTA, has chosen Panama as the next venue for the Adventure Travel World Summit 2024 (October 7 to 10), an event that will position the country in international tourism markets as an adventure destination. and conventions

The General Administrator of the ATP, Denise Guillén, was in charge of receiving the flag of this event at the closing of the 2023 version of this congress held in Hokkaido, Japan, where Panama had an important representation with the tour operator that won first place in the last Contest of Innovative Community Tourism Experiences, presenting to the international community the experience that earned them this award.

For Guillén, this will be a great opportunity for the country that has been working together with the private sector in tourism to enhance our attractions and destinations, following the guidelines of the Sustainable Tourism Master Plan. “We have been preparing to host this global event that will be attended by more than 800 people from all over the world, eager to explore the extraordinary wealth that Panama offers as an adventure tourism destination. The country welcomes them with open arms and tells them: “Panama, Live for More!”, a country that awakens curiosity in every corner,” said the administrator.

Since 2017, ATTA has been working with Panama to expand its community of members and tourism experts, promoting the great natural and cultural wealth of our country. “In 2024, the ATTA community will gather for the first time in Central America and I can’t wait for the world to see and experience all the things that made me fall in love with Panama,” said Gabi Stowell, vice president of ATTA.

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