Panama officially extends International travel ban another month to May 23.

Air Travel

The Civil Aeronautical Authority (AAC) of Panama extended the suspension of international flights to the country until May 23.

The airports have been closed since the early hours of Monday, March 23, as a sanitary measure due to the advance of the coronavirus. The measure was originally adopted for a month, but this Monday, April 20, the AAC announced that the ban will be extended for an additional month.

The resolution was published in the Official Gazette, and bears the signature of the AAC director, Gustavo Pérez. These actions are based on information provided by the Ministry of Health, regarding the evolution of the coronavirus pandemic in other countries.

Read here AAC Resolution No. 53 of April 14, 2020.

Commercial and passenger flights are suspended, but not those of a humanitarian nature and supply of supplies.

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Air Travel
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