Panama estimated to lose 30 million dollars during strikes per day


The Panamanian Association of Business Executives (APEDE), one of the most important business associations in the country, said today that Panama loses close to 30 million dollars for every day of construction workers’ strike, which began last Wednesday. in demand for a salary increase.

“We are losing as a country about 30 million dollars a day due to this strike, so if we have six days, we take 180 million dollars,” said the president of the business association, Hector Cotes.

The executive, who gave an interview to a local television, explained that the repercussions of the strike go beyond the construction strike, since “the financial commitments are inescapable and the banks have to be paid the same at the end of the month”.

“This is an impact that cascades and what we urge both parties to do is sit down to negotiate and put the best interests of the country before them,” Cotes said.


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