Newly installed tower will monitor climate change in Coiba.


The first meteorological tower in the northeast of the Coiba National Park will allow to know the impact that the rains have on the organisms of the island, explained Edgardo Díaz-Ferguson, executive director of Coiba AIP.

Coiba is a place where there is a lot of rainfall and “now we are going to experience a drought, knowing how these factors affect the distribution of space organisms is important at the research level,” he explained to La Estrella de Panamá .

The tower is an educational instrument with which the impact of variables such as temperature and intensity of light, direction and strength of the wind and barometric pressure on the dynamics of the terrestrial and marine populations that inhabit the area will also be known. northeast area of ​​the park, added the scientific researcher.

The information produced by the tower may be used by professionals and students through the Coiba AIP website and will be for public use to the extent of the importance of the research requirement. In accordance with the requirements, this request must be justified with a letter from an institution that supports the specific study, emphasizes a press release from the National Secretariat of Science, Technology and Innovation (Senacyt).

The Coiba National Park also inaugurated an ecological trail and a viewpoint.

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