Hearing resumes in bank embezzlement case in Caja de Ahorros


After 8:00 am this July 24, in the Fourteenth Criminal Court, the hearing was resumed for an alleged case of embezzlement in the Savings Bank, in which the anti-corruption prosecutor Tania Sterling asked yesterday to call trial of 16 people, including individuals and former employees .

Prosecutor requests trial for embezzlement in the Savings Bank
The hearing, which will run until Friday, July 27, began Monday, July 23, with the arguments of Prosecutor Sterling, who supported her theory of the case.

Sterling asked the fourteenth judge, Vilma Urieta, to open a criminal case to 16 defendants in the investigation related to a loan of 9 million dollars awarded in 2012 by the Savings Bank to the HPC-Contratas P & V consortium.


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