Dangerous and Highly Wanted Ecuadorian “TERRORIST” seized and deported from Panama.


Julio Alberto Martínez Alcívar alias “Negro Tulio”, the dangerous Ecuadorian terrorist, was deported along with his partner, Alexandra Germania Estrada Aquino, this Saturday, June 1, following a strict security protocol towards their country.

According to the Panamanian police, alias Negro Tulio is accused of having participated in several terrorist acts in the region, including the death of two prosecutors and dozens of police officers.

The deportation was carried out through a coordinated operation between the security forces of Panama and Ecuador, in collaboration with international intelligence agencies, the police detailed.

Flight CM 258 left the Tocumen International Airport bound for Quito, which brought the dangerous antisocial to its country.

How do we let criminals in?

The answer is linked to the fact that we do not have an effective exchange of intelligence information with other countries, in addition to the weakening of Panamanian borders, explained security expert and criminal investigator, Julio Alonso.

The lawyer, who is also a lawyer, affirms that Panama, being a country of melting pot, welcomes all nationalities; however, within this regular and irregular migration, people of bad living are filtered.

“We do not really act and we do not care about foreigners carrying out high-impact criminal acts in Panama, because this country is a refuge, a place of peace and escape for many people from crime who come to take refuge here, to negotiate or to settle with money laundering, because now the fashion is to flee from countries that have conflict and seek peace of mind in Panama.”

Alonso maintains that it is worrying that we do not have an intelligence network or information exchange or judicial assistance to be able to locate these people.

The Panamanian government must not only carry out operations but also enter the areas of greatest social heat with a machinery for health, employment and opportunities, the expert pointed out.

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