I teased, I’m telling. The END of Red Frog and Haley is at hand. Victims FINALLY see light.

Contributed by JB and Reader Editorial from Red Frog Victims RFB loses Enjoy Group. Staff of criminals appear on CCTV, theft and break ins caught on camera and an infrastructure in tatters, undelivered units, and even poor old Joe stating he will resign “ yet again”, cause it’s too hot …

Bocas del Toro

OK, Peter….”How My Family got Screwed by Red Frog Beach- Part 2″ THE VINDICATION

Peter—- After weeks, ,,,,even months of you sending information, I have relented to allowing you to GLOAT.  To other PNO readers ( almost impossible to be one without being aware of the interaction with Joseph Haley and Red Frog Beach aka Bastimentos Holdings), it was the editorial of Peter that …


Red Frog and Haley JOB POSTING: Murderers wanted for SECURITY POSITIONS. Hiring IMMEDIATELY

So……I really can’t believe that these people are STILL operating and playing from the same playbook full of lies and deception. Even further surprised that it took this long for a group of people to STOP drinking the Kool-Aid and organize in the US. ALL of this was known and …