Catching Up Re-Cap: Many to Thank


A long expected hello back to the visitors of PNO. Needless to say, it has been AWHILE.

For those ex-pats and daily readers that stayed in touch either through e-mail or to Steven, I would like to say “thank you”.  You are all very kind.

To be clear, I had a medical setback that required me to return to the US. I consider myself fortunate it occurred in the US and with the help of a strong family. It was compounded further with my contraction of COVID in 2021. A very tough year to say the least.

The intention was to keep PNO commenting in my absence, but it just got too vitriolic. In looking back we were able to meet and speak with many people and in some cases help them quite a bit. But……………………we also came into contact with some generally SHITTY people and “THAT” aspect simply wore on me personally and in turn my family.

I still have much to say on Panama.  MUCH to say. This past winter has had me miss the climate.

I encourage all to stay in touch via comments, submit questions or topic editorials, and generally be involved with getting some steam behind us to ramp up our interaction with ex-pats and being a source of information for all.

Be well and Saludos always…..



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