Bocas tragedy could be prevented. Young boy killed getting run over.

Bocas del Toro

Traffic accidents occur every day. In a bustling city, with cars and taxis going everywhere, it is understood.  BUT, in a bohemian island city, it is from just plain “lawlessness”.   I noticed of my time in Bocas (dealing with scumbags), that “Bocas Town” or “Isla Colon” more or less operates without true oversight.  Cars, Taxis, Scooters, travel through winding and badly paved roads at very high speeds. I’ve actually “requested” my driver on a few occasions to “slow the fuck down”. But more fares, equal more money, and they are trying to survive and eek out a living.  As new developments, and responsible resorts appear in this region, PANAMA the country, needs to invest more in infrastructure for safety. An increased POLICE presence should be tangible,

SADNESS. A minor, 13 years old, died after being run over in the community of El Campesino, in the district of Chiriquí Grande, in the province of Bocas del Toro.

The traffic incident occurred at 2:30 in the afternoon this Tuesday, when the driver of the green sedan-type vehicle ran over Camilo Morales.

Officials from the Land Transit and Transportation Authority (ATTT) and the National Aeronaval Service (SENAN) arrived at the scene, however, the minor was already without vital signs.

According to witnesses, excessive speed could supposedly have been one of the causes of this tragedy that fills another family with mourning and pain. At the national level, 141 deaths have been recorded on the roads.

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