Bigmakes fish hits small pond. MESSI makes MLS deal to come to Miami.

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Agurably the greatest soccer player of all time is leaving the highest levels of soccer to join Beckham owned MLS Inter Miami FC. And all LOVE it!  The last player of Messi’s caliber (Zlatan Ibrahimovic) showed us exactly the difference in competition scoring 35 goals in 37 games for LA.Expect sellouts as the team will make millions as Messi losws down his legendary career.


Messimania broke out. The signing of the Argentine, Lionel Messi, was only the beginning of a chain of changes within the institution. If in just a couple of hours almost all the tickets for the upcoming Inter Miami home games were sold out, the club’s social networks also had an exponential increase in followers.

No one wants to miss Messi’s moments with the Miami club first hand and on Instagram alone, the Major League Soccer (MLS) club went from one million followers to 5.9 million in a matter of 24 hours.

inter miami
Inter Miami has gained more than 4 million followers in 24 hours. Social networks

Perhaps over time these numbers will change and more people will continue to click on the option to ‘follow’ the Miami club. This fact had a negative effect on Messi’s previous club. Paris Saint-Germain saw how one of his best players left through the back door, as well as many of his followers on the networks. The Parisian club, with the departure of Messi, lost up to two thousand followers on Instagram alone in a matter of hours.

Thanks to the numbers that the American club is generating, on Instagram alone, Inter Miami has more followers than any other team in the National Football League (NFL), National Hockey League (NHL), Major League Baseball (MLB) and the MLS.

It is worth remembering that Messi is the second footballer with the most followers with 469 million, while the first place belongs to Cristiano Ronaldo with 588 million followers

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