VP of “RM” steadfast in exonerating Martinelli.

José Raúl Mulino asked all the candidates to: “make the effort, go find the votes to lead us to victory on May 5th.”

In next year’s festivities in Soná we will be celebrating, with Ricardo Martinelli, in his land,” stated the vice presidential candidate for Realizing Goals and the Alianza party, José Raúl Mulino, who also maintained that: “We are doing well, We are going to win and we are going to help Ricardo Martinelli get out of this problem and get ready because we are going to make this country fly in the next 5 years.

¨Every time I walk around the country, in different parts, I know the problems that ordinary Panamanian people are experiencing, who are eating a cable with two incapable administrations that have not helped the people and have led the country to prostration in the one that is found. We are here to reiterate the commitment and we are here to carry out one more campaign; We are here because we have a commitment to you.

José Raúl Mulino asked all the candidates to: “make the effort, go find the votes to lead us to victory on May 5th.”

“We come to talk to you about the future, about our commitment to you, because we have to save this country; We want to give them a better future, just like Ricardo Martinelli did: backpacks and books for everyone, computers. You have already lived it, and you know that what we promised was fulfilled.

¨We will work for youth, to connect them with technology, so that they prepare themselves and can have a good, well-paid job. The Panamanian is interested in arriving on a train in a few hours, having a complete university education and, among other proposals, having a hospital for pets,” said Mullino.

Mulino was accompanied by his wife Maricel de Mulino, Marta de Martinelli, wife of Ricardo Martinelli and candidates from the 9-2 circuit. Marta Martinelli who referred to the multiple works that Ricardo Martinelli did for this province, “mainly for her beloved Soná: such as the carts, aqueducts and sewers.”

“With Martinelli and Mulino or with Mulino and Ricardo Martinelli we will fulfill what has been promised,” said Marta Martinelli, and on May 5 let’s give support to box 7.

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