VIDEO: China opens up the largest bridge over water on the Planet

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International Relations
EU shows massive support for UKRAINE acceptance. Would be vital in terms of military support. The foreign ministers of the European Union expressed themselves this Monday in favor of Ukraine’s candidacy for the bloc, in the first meeting of Twenty-seven after Kyiv received the favorable opinion of the European Commission for its European integration and requested the status of candidate. After Brussels advocated in …

Citizens of China spread wings as 2 MONTH mandatory lockdown is lifted. The vast majority of the 25 million inhabitants of the eastern Chinese metropolis of Shanghai returned to their streets today after the authorities ended more than two months of a strict confinement imposed to stop their worst outbreak of covid. The end of the lockdown came at midnight on …

World Events
Delusional Putin raises salaries for the soldiers dying in a LOSING war.

I’m sure this makes it easier for the families of the soldiers that he is ordering to have buried in MASS GRAVES in the Ukraine, as opposed to flying them back to Russia. “GREAT WORLD POWER”??????????¬† ¬†Literally losing to the Ukraine as the world witnesses his madness.¬† The president …