Varela to meet with Dairy and Livestock farmers in Chitre’.


In the face of threats to resume the protests, a group of Panamanian producers will be treated this Wednesday, October 24, in the city of Chitré by President Juan Carlos Varela .

Commission of breeders will have courtesy of room in the Cabinet
After five hours of closure, producers reopen roads
Minister Eduardo Carles meets with producers; open road to Los Santos
Armando Batista, of the Santeño Movement of Ranchers to the Rescue, said that after giving a term to the Executive Organ of 60 days (which expired on October 16) the breeders continue waiting for a response to the nine documents submitted to the authorities.

“We want an answer and we made our requests and what needs to be done today is to respond,” said Batista.

Although he acknowledged that some of the requests have advanced, they want to know in which state they are found.


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At first sounds like a HORROR movie,,,,,,,,,,,then GENIUS.

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