Varela beginning his swan song of political goodbyes.


President Juan Carlos Varela traveled the night of this Tuesday, June 18, to Washington, United States, where he will carry out a “closing tour” to address regional and security issues, informed the Presidency of the Republic.

Varela has made four personal trips in his management
The 70 trips of Juan Carlos Varela
This is his 72nd trip, and it would be his last official mission, since on July 1, PRD Laurentino Cortizo will take office as president of the country

Varela will meet with the Republican senators, Marco Rubio and Rick Scott, and has contemplated addressing important issues such as the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, migration in the region and the increase in drug production.

The Presidency announced that the president will travel to Maryland to inspect “new aerial surveillance equipment that will strengthen Panamanian security capabilities.”

Varela will be accompanied by his wife, Lorena Castillo de Varela; the director of the National Security Council, Rolando López , and the deputy director of the National Aeronaval Service, Juan Manuel Pino.

He is expected to return to the country next Friday, June 21, in the afternoon hours.

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