Strike set for COLON


According to denounced Votier, “this Government at the negotiating table has become pure, not to the proposals that the colonists have

Popular leaders of the City of Colon announced today a general strike on April 19 next to the refusal of the Government to formalize in a decree the agreements reached in a “negotiation” table that is carried out on social and infrastructure improvements in said city.

Edgardo Votier, coordinator of Frente Amplio por Colón (FAC), told a press conference that the pressure measure will be of a peaceful nature and will be carried out because the Panamanian minister of the Presidency, Álvaro Alemán, has refused to “formalize the negotiation”.

According to Votier, “this government at the negotiating table has become pure, not to the proposals that the colonists have to resolve our fundamental issues.”

“They have taken us out of trouble, they have no seriousness with the people of Colon, and as a result, by Thursday, April 19, we are once again calling all our people colonized and informing the country of our general provincial strike”

Votier insisted that the paralysis will be peaceful “and should not lead to acts of vandalism against the property of anyone.”



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