So far so good Cortizo: Bill presented to define Pacora as ecological preserve.


The Center for Environmental Incidence (CIAM) filed two administrative complaints for contamination in rivers and streams that flow into the Pacora River.

“A bill was recently presented at the Assembly to declare the entire area of ​​basin 146 as an ecological reserve. However, from what we have seen, it is an area where there is a disorderly urban growth,” said Maria Gabriella Dutari, an NGO lawyer dedicated to the legal defense of the environment.

The main conflict of these residential complexes, Dutari stressed, is that the wastewater treatment plants collect the water and pour it untreated into tributaries of the Pacora River, which supplies the Pacora water treatment plant.

“It is an area that has a lot of water scarcity and the sources they have are contaminating them with sewage,” he said.

The resource could mobilize both the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Health to investigate complaints in the area and punish those responsible, according to CIAM, everything points to the promoters of these developments, who are responsible for the plants of treatment.

On July 18, the deputy of the official Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD), Cenobia Vargas, presented the aforementioned draft to declare the Pacora river basin as an ecological and agrotourism reserve.

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