PRD puppet Carrizo pounds chest on jobs report.



Carrizo nabs credit for 101,976 jobs. Almost as much as the sq,footage of his new home.


The Panamanian economy continues to be strong and until April of this year, it managed to generate more than 101,976 new jobs in a formal way, the presidential candidate for the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD), José Gabriel Carrizo, commented on his campaign tour, shared his team.

“Thanks to the correct measures taken by the government of (Laurentino) ‘Nito’ Cortizo, economic growth has been so strong that it has allowed thousands of jobs to increase, reduce poverty and keep the country’s inflation among the lowest in the world” , highlighted Carrizo.

Due to the ravages of the pandemic, in 2020, an economic drop of 17.7% was registered, but thanks to a bold government plan to serve those most in need, in 2021 it recovered by 15.8% and by 2022 it grew by a 13.6%, among the highest worldwide. It is estimated that in 2023 growth will exceed 5%.

“World experts admire what our government and its people have achieved in the midst of great difficulties and recognize the formidable performance in terms of growth, the fight against unemployment, poverty and inflation that the country has had,” said the president. also Vice President of the Republic on his tour.

On June 11, the PRD will hold its primaries, where the group will elect the figures that will run in the 2024 general elections.

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