PNO prepping for 2021


By James “JB” Bryson

To my fellow ex-pats and visitors. I have been inundated with questions about PNO ever since the wife and I came back to the states once allowed.

2020 quite frankly SUCKED!! For so many reasons I choose NOT to re-visit.

Like all people, I needed a break. The last few months have been restorative. But even more so,,,,,,,,,,INFORMATIVE. I am re-vitalized to engage and uncover some of the shadiest shit I have seen. After seeing the complete DUMPSTER FIRE OF WHITE TRASH HATRED shown in the capital of my country yesterday, I am more full than ever to stay on the right side of things. Both here and back in PANAMA.

Both Steven and I have been able to meet some GREAT people through PNO in 2020. Even more so, we were able to CONNECT good people with OTHER GOOD PEOPLE, all with the common goal of exposing BULLSHIT and OPPORTUNISTS.

What is in store for 2021 will make 2020 pale in comparison. The shit will be shown. Like that call with the Georgia Secretary of State, or Rudy G fucking up on a voicemail, I am going to expose some shit. Messages, E-mails, WhatsApps, Documents. Basically, I’m over some of this shit.

In law enforcement they call it a BOLO, or “Be on the Lookout”. Well BOLO for PNO my friends. Best to all for 2021.



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